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compatible players
to be able to listen to the stream, you need a shoutcast compatible mp3 player, for example:
windows windows media, winamp, itunes, real player
mac itunes, audion, macamp
depending on your internet connection you can listen to our stream at different bitrates; click a .m3u or .pls link below to tune in; there is no difference between the .m3u and .pls links, but they are both shown in case of compatiblity issues (windows media does not support .pls):
stereo (broadband) 128kbps.m3u or 128kbps.pls
mono (broadband) 64kbps.m3u or 64kbps.pls
mono (dialup) 24kbps.m3u or 24kbps.pls
note that you can always use the 128k, 64k and 24k links in the upper left corner of the website to tune in!

solving problems
if you experience buffering (music stops, starts a few seconds later, and stops again):
use the 64k link instead of the 128k link
use the 24k link instead of the 64k link
disable upload/download intensive software
if the 128k, 64k and 24k links are not accepted by your favorite mp3 player, add the address of one of our relays to the player directly; they are listed on the stats page
if all fails, post your problem on the forum or contact us in the chat
more relays
we switched to a 128k stream to offer stereo sound to our listeners; however, this means that we need more bandwidth; if you can offer a relay so we can handle more listeners or a more reliable stream, please contact us
the requirements for a relay are:
24/7 online time (reliable connection)
at least 10 Mbit peak* dedicated for the stream
*under normal circumstances we will use far below 10 Mbit on each relay, but it is required to cope with situations in which one or more relays are offline