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2022 welcomes R-Hawk back to the station!
posted by Psygn
R-Hawk "Xpresha" :: Odd Fridays @ 21:00 - 22:30 CEST / 20:00 - 21:30 BST

R-Hawk is back and ready to rock with his show "Xpresha" - tune in today at 21:00 CEST / 20:00 BST, and again, every other Friday on or catch him at the links below:
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2022 welcomes Lawless to the family!
posted by Psygn
Lawless :: Odd Thursdays @ 16:30-18:00 BST (Odd Thursdays @ 17:30-19:00 CEST)

Manchester-based DJ Lawless brings the energy and enthusiasm of the new generation of breakbeat music lovers. Exposure to the quintessential breakbeat music nights like Metalheadz, Rupture and Ako Beatz drove Lawless to explore the legacy of myriad artists for whom those nights carry the proverbial torches. As a result, cornerstones of Lawless’ vinyl collection include Kemet records, Myor Massive, Future Retro, Scientific Wax, Green Bay Wax, and Deep Jungle.

Enamored of all styles of music beyond breakbeats, the historic sounds of reggae, dubstep, and soul are among his favorites. Naturally, a fascination with soundsystem... more
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2022 welcomes MagiQ to the family!
posted by Psygn
MagiQ:: Odd Mondays @ 22:30 - 00:00 BST (Odd Mondays 23:30 - 01:00 CEST)

South London mixologist MagiQ got his start in 1989 playing hardcore and rave music during the infancies of what would become the golden eras of Jungle and Drum and Bass. Tending toward the more electronic sounds of the movement, MagiQ landed a sound engineering gig at the legendary Renegade Hardware/Trouble On Vinyl recording studio in 1997 leading to the release of one of his tracks, “Parametrix” (as Vertex) on Renegade Hardware’s 1999 CD version of “Quantum Mechanics”. Having played many of London’s premier venues and hosted shows on several pirate radio stations such as Don FM, Underground FM and Flex FM, MagiQ’s influence... more
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2022 welcomes Polska to the family!
posted by darkstar
Polska :: Even Saturdays @ 22:30 BST (23:30 CEST)

Representing Dublin, Ireland since the 90’s as an early purveyor of fine drumfunk music, the station proudly welcomes Polska aboard the train!

First appearing in 1998 on PowerFM's “The Clockers Show”, Polska’s pursuit of recherché breakbeat music landed him a residency at the legendary Bassbin nights, where he and Con supported a who’s-who cast of jungle legends; Paradox, Alpha Omega, Doc Scott, and 4 Hero to name a few.

This lead Polska to an encounter one night with Beta2, where they connected over music production and Polska received a copy of FastTrackerII. From there, Polska began to develop his own style of drumfunk - vibes that soothe,... more
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2022 welcomes Noisemonkey back to the family!
posted by Psygn
Noisemonkey :: Odd Mondays @ 17:30 - 19:30 GMT (Odd Mondays 18:30 - 20:30 CET)

Noisemonkey has been involved in drum and bass since 1999, back when he came across his first pair of decks and started droppin' jungle. Initially buying records without two-step beats, he went on to build up a substantial and varied vinyl collection - and hasn't stopped since.

Not more than a year later, he got involved in the local scene of his hometown (Exeter, UK) playing his first show at Bassache, and by the next year, expanded into promotion, helping to run a recurring local show that went on to book well-known dnb/jungle producers; Fanu (with his first UK appearance), Tech-Itch, John B. and many more. As his love for... more
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2022 welcomes Hyson to the family!
posted by Psygn
Hyson :: Odd Saturdays @ 13:00 - 14:30 GMT (Odd Saturdays 14:00 - 15:30 CET)

Growing up in Leeds, UK, Hyson first set his ears upon EDM listening to the local sounds of pirate radio. From these renegade shows, he was moved to take up DJing and combine the emerging sounds of dubstep and the oldskool sounds of jungle throughout the mid 2000s.

Over the years, his passion for music expanded into event promotion and music production, as his embrace of an ever growing collection of EDM allowed him to hone his style of play; trying out different types of shows at local venues provided the insight of what worked, and what didn't in front of a crowd.

These days, Hyson participates in his hometown scene with... more
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2022 welcomes Hago to the family!
posted by Psygn
Hago :: Odd Saturdays @ 20:30 - 22:30 GMT (Odd Saturdays 21:30 - 23:30 CET)

Hago's experience DJing for over 25 years shows in his sets - playing since '96 as a Derry City, Ireland native, he's been pushing the bounds of what you can expect to hear in a Jungle or Drum and Bass set.

Transitioning from local venues to online sets in his latter years, Hago's intrepid show, "Unrivalled Sounds" has continued to evolve and entrance listeners since 2014 - laying down mixes that flow between genres, bound together by their vibes, and blended/mixed in a way that allows tracks to breathe with each other.

Originally airing on Planet-Rave, and later found on Unknown.FM, the jungletrain family welcomes Hago to... more
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2021 welcomes Jah Bliddie to the family!
posted by darkstar

Hailing from Los Angeles, California, USA, Jah Bliddie has played music as a form of meditation for himself and his listeners since 1996. With releases on Danger Chamber, YeskaBeatz, Black Marble Collective and Ballpark Recordings, Jah Bliddie is no stranger to chopped up breaks.

Early influences include hip hop, turntablism and hard house, all ubiquitous in the budding Southern California music at the time. Everything changed in 1998 when Jungle made its way into Jah Bliddie’s consciousness, quickly growing into the centerpiece of his meditations. Central as Jungle may be for Jah Bliddie, he can still be caught playing all types of reggae, deep dubstep, funk and lounge music.

Cultivating a culture... more
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DJ Future presents SB81 & Doc V: Saturday, July 17th - 20:30 BST
posted by darkstar
Jungletrain veteran DJ Future presents a special edition of The Federation Show featuring SB81 and Doc V

Though currently on hiatus from regular Jungletrain programming, DJ Future has been hard at work honing the depths of his craft. Joining up for the coverage are special guests SB81 (fka Nolige) and Doc V! With combined catalogues spanning 117, Skeleton, AKO Beatz, Metalheadz, Narratives, Scientific Wax, Foundation X and beyond, this crew is not to be missed!

Catch the special show this Saturday, July 17th at 20:30 BST // 19:30 GMT // 15:30 EST // 12:30 PST
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Darkstar - promomix summer 2021
posted by arnie is proud to present: Darkstar - promomix summer 2021

Your personal breakbeat sherpa this summer is Darkstar, back with his fourth Jungletrain promomix installment. The trailhead for this journey is a deep halftime vibe that touches on some esoteric thinkin' music before launching headfirst into amen-laden jungle.

The subdued choppage provides a vibrant plateau of barely contained energy through the majority of the mix, painting a backdrop of a diverse tapestry that enshrouds the skyline that is our musical home. Concluding the the trek, our path winds down towards a cerebral multidimensional meditation guided by modern production techniques that fertilize the rhythmic soil for future generations to contemplate.

Wrapping... more
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