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Welcome to, glad you found this page! Over here we will tell you something about the history of the station, what we are now, our philosophy and our crew. Enjoy!
Being a solution for listening to DJ WoodroW practice his mixing skills at home in the first place, what we now call started off in december 2001. Joost (josh-hill) wanted to listen to WoodroW while he was practising his mixes. Upon suggestion of another friend (Christophe), he decided to install a Shoutcast server on his workstation and set up WoodroW with a broadcasting tool.

However, this didn't go unnoticed and it turned out that josh-hill and Christophe weren't the only ones listening to this brand new station. In a matter of weeks, more DJs joined the newly set up stream, such as Crucial Carl, Zigmund Void, the GroundKontrol crew and Hungry Tiger (also known as Nekura). After a short while, the unnamed radio station was officially named 'The Jungle Train'.
present day
Since those days in 2001, 'The Jungle Train' has been renamed to and has grown from a hobby project to a respectable community. Our current programming boasts no less than 80 different live shows presented by more than 100 DJs. On a regular basis we broadcast events that are organized by members of our community and many high profile DJs feature as guests on various shows as well as the event broadcasts. At this moment we are working hard to get JT up to the current internet standards so we can keep expanding our reach.
the sound
The general sound of the station has changed much over the years. When we teamed up with the Subvert Central community we took a definite turn to the underground sounds. In the past year, we have enlisted various DJs who were looking to bring back the oldskool sounds. Consequently the schedule features quite a few shows that rock the prime drum and bass sounds of the 90s, with the occasional outing to 80s rave beats.

Overall, we try to provide the listener with a varied schedule of shows, both alternative such as drumfunk and the more recent minimal sounds, but we also provide a selection of liquid, atmospheric and more uptempo drum and bass. DJs come and go and as a crew we try to keep the roster filled and we focus on programming balanced shows throughout every day.

That being said, there is no explicit format that we employ for our radio station. Our crew is responsible for maintaining a consistent schedule and we try to look to our community when it comes to exploring new avenues.
philosophy is a project, a train in constant motion. In essence we are a platform for crews and individuals worldwide who would like to provide us a view into their local jungle culture. We try to stay true to certain core values about what defines drum and bass and pay due respect to the roots of the junglist movement. We try to find balance within our passionate community.

All of this comes together in the centerpiece of said community, our radio stream and the chat where DJs and crews represent. And not unimportant, we try to help everyone stay in touch and keep the train rolling. We hope you will hop on and ride with us!

Buddha bless,

the crew
Currently, is owned by, a sole proprietorship held by Niels Roosen (Arnie). He holds responsibility for technical operations and makes sure the website and streaming infrastructure stay online.

Additionally, there is a small crew of community members who, next to being responsible for overall operations, also actively moderate, manage and monitor the stream, our public outlets such as the chat, forum, Facebook and other media. Currently, our members are Warbreaker, Ombrios, Bazooka, Jahrich, Ashback, Cerberus, Darkstar, Reefer, josh-hill.
some historic facts domain
In august 2002, the single hostname was not enough for the fast growing radio station. On suggestion of Arnie, josh-hill registers the domain
irc chat
After residing on the IRCWorld chat for a few months, around september 2002, Arnie set up a dedicated server for the #jungletrain chat massive.
Crew member Propan0 took responsibility and implemented the idea of starting up a forum. A few weeks later, in february 2003, the forum went live.
first relay
Somewhere around march 2003 the Jungletrain aquires its first relay from American Service Provider niuhi (the infamous 'stream1'), providing extra listening capacitity for up to 100 listeners.
100 listeners barrier broken
On April 2nd 2003, during one of DJ Cob's mental munting sessions, the 100 listeners barrier was broken for the first time in the history of
more relays
In the 2nd quarter of 2003 the stream expands by aquiring 2 more relays, provided by 2 supportive listeners, Lost-B and deuterium. They bring up the total 64k listener capacity up to 250 listeners.
dedicated server
After more than one year and months of researching and preparations, the first dedicated server is installed by josh-hill and Arnie on a site in Amsterdam. The radio services, irc and website are moved to the new server on July 14th 2003.
new website
On 2003/Oct/30, josh-hill's 32nd birthday, the new website with integrated forum is launched.
200 listeners barrier broken
On January 29th 2004, again during one of DJ Cob's mental munting sessions, the 200 listeners barrier is broken for the first time.
switch to 128kbps audio
From October 19th until the 21th, 2007, a DJ marathon is organized to celebrate the long-awaited switch from the 64kbps mono stream to a 128kbps stereo stream.
300 listeners barrier broken
On October 2nd 2008, during Druid's Utreg Massive show, the 300 listeners barrier is finally broken for the first time
migration to new server and site improvements
On thursday May 31st 2012, the site and core streaming services are moved to a new server. In the past 6 years, Net Ground has been the trusted sponsor for JT switches to the TransIP network, where a brand new server is taken into production.