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donate using PayPal is a not-for-profit operation. All time and effort spent in managing the radio station is on a volunteer basis and the operational costs are carried by Niels Roosen (Arnie).

If you like and would like to help out, please donate to help us pay the bills and keep running!

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our expenses needs quite a few resources to remain operational. Next to the many hours put in by the crew, we need colocated hosting for our core services and lots of bandwidth for everyone who would like to listen to the stream. The majority of our resources are sponsored. Our main server for example is hosted for free by TransIP.

To give you an idea of the remaining costs for keeping JT in the air, here is an overview of our most important expenses. As of June 1st, 2012, operational costs for are about €100 per month. This consists of the following:

Hosting of our backup server at Netwerkvereniging Coloclue. These costs are €45 a month.

Payment of our internet broadcasting license to SENA. We pay around €650 a year for the rights to broadcast music on the internet.

We also have occasional costs, such as the investment in a new server, which cost €1500, replacement of hardware on our other servers or one-time licenses.