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Y2 - promomix april 2021
published on Mon 2021/Apr/12
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74:29 minutes

(click on image for full size) is proud to present: Y2 - promomix april 2021

Once again, the venerable Danger Chamber overlord Y2 descends from his dark fortress to grace us with a selection for the monthly promomix series. In this installment, Y2 showcases the latest and greatest from the respectable Danger Chamber Catalog, including two tracks from the forthcoming Danger Changer Records vinyl imprint!

We suggest you sit down to enjoy the amazing intro by Abstract Drumz, because before you realize Y2 will descend into his signature amen science madness, interspersed with the obligatory breaks and breathers, not letting up until the last 15 minutes, where it's only just smooth sailing before the last beats fade away.

Y2 would like to use this occasion to reach out to Threshold, DJ Taylor, Edson ED808, Abstract Drumz, Jack Rapture, Darkspin, If-Read, Opius at Ballpark Recordings, Mac-V, Jah Bliddie, the Saturday night listener crew and last but not least, Mrs Y2 aka Lady Lava!

If this mix finds you wanting more, make sure to mark your calendars for Saturday nights from 21.30 - 23.30 CEST, 20.30 - 22.30 BST, 15.30 - 17.30 EDT, 12.30 - 14.30 PDT to lock on to the Danger Chamber Digital sessions on, and visit the Danger Chamber bandcamp!

01. Abstract Drumz - The Kingdom Of Shadows - Danger Chamber Records [DCR001, Forthcoming]
02. Champa B - Universal Senses - Criterion [CRTNLP001, 2020]
03. Jack Rapture - Wastelands - Danger Chamber Digital [DCD063, 2021]
04. If-Read - Prostration (Mshcode Remix) - Danger Chamber Digital [DCD064, 2021]
05. Abstract Drumz - Stare Into The Darkness - Danger Chamber Digital [DCD062, 2020]
06. Peeb - Hidden Persuaders - Danger Chamber Digital [DCD065, 2021]
07. Polarity - Hidden Away [Self released, 2021]
08. If-Read - Experiment All - Danger Chamber Digital [DCD064, 2021]
09. B-Key - Tek No More Talk [Self released, 2021]
10. Abstract Drumz - Believe In Hell - Danger Chamber Digital [DCD062, 2020]
11. Jack Rapture - Life Moves Pretty Fast - Danger Chamber Records [DCR001, Forthcoming]
12. Dub One - Uncontrollable Rage [Self released, 2021]
13. Jack Rapture - Cold War - Danger Chamber Digital [Dub]
14. Antidote - Angry Fist - Skeleton Records [SKELR20, 2021]
15. Mac-V - Enter Again [Dub]
16. Abstract Drumz - Fire With Fire [Free Download]
17. Dodz - Watercolours - Ako Beatz [AKO010, 2021]
18. Abstract Drumz - The Answer [Dub]
19. ED808 - Boxes [Dub]
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