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Parallel - promomix june 2019
published on Wed 2019/Jun/12
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65:40 minutes

(click on image for full size) is proud to present: Parallel - promomix june 2019

Parallel has been a part of the JT family for 8 years now, since his first appearance on Warbreaker's show in 2011, joining up for his own show in 2013. Needless to say we were delighted when he signed up for our monthly promomix, and excited to present you with this showcase of his own work!

DJing since 1999 and producing since 2003, Parallel saw his first vinyl release in 2007 on Pinecone Moonshine, with many releases following on labels such as DSCI4, BMTM, Subtle Audio, Alphacut, Omni Music and Criterion Records, working with artists like Relapse, Tim Reaper, Infest, Acid lab, Ahmad, Eschcaton, Scale and Sumone.

Still going strong, Parallel keeps busy, most notably at the moment on his project with Richard Houghten called 'A Cosmic Gift', as well as his residency with the Gnosis DnB crew, based in Portland, Oregon. When not working on music, you can find him cooking food at the Ramen joint called Noraneko.

We hope you'll enjoy this presentation as much as we do, and although he's on a break, keep an eye on the schedule while we work to find him a new spot!

01. Parallel - Late at Night - Monochrome Recordings [MNCH047, 2017]
02. Parallel - Heavy on the Heart - Omni Music - [OMNIEP152, 2018]
03. Ayo Groove - Yesterday Was a Lie - (Parallel Remix) [Unreleased]
04. Parallel - Space Signals - Monochrome Recordings - [MNCH047, 2017]
05. Infest & Parallel - We're Almost There - Reminiscence Audio - [RMA007, 2013]
06. Parallel - Brackish - Monochrome Recordings - [MNCH047, 2017]
07. Parallel - The Small Things Matter - Pinecone Moonshine [PCMS022, 2012]
08. Parallel & Coincide - Uproot - DSCI4 [DSCI4LP010, 2012]
09. Parallel & Relapse - Root [Unreleased]
10. Parallel & Relapse - Underthink - Dub Clinique [DCQ006, 2015]
11. Ahmad & Parallel- Judgment Day - Convoluted Recordings [CNVLTD002, 2018]
12. Parallel - Are We Really Here? [Unreleased]
13. Parallel - Organic Patterns (Kodama Remix) - Subtle Audio Digital [SUBTLED020, 2017]
14. Parallel - Amen Delerium - Monochrome Recordings [MNCH047, 2017]
15. Parallel & Relapse - Untitled [Unreleased]
16. Parallel & Relapse - Crumbling Parapets Covered In Moss [Unreleased]
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