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Red Catz - promomix march 2011
published on Wed 2011/Mar/02
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Hello! My name is Andei "Red Catz" Dzisko. I am a DJ, event promoter, and SoulRed Records label owner/founder from Minsk, the capital of Belarus. Electronic music came into my life in 1997 when I bought Prodigy "The Fat of the Land" on tape. I was honestly surprised. From that moment on I began to get really interested in electronic sounds, hearing lots of different styles. In early 2000, I gave myself to hard techno followed by minimal techno, and then breakbeat and finally downtempo. And then in 2005, I began playing drum & bass. To this day I play vinyl exclusively; I never felt the need to DJ with any other medium. Many friends call me "oldskulla" and insist that the new technology will not go away. I agree with them, but all I can do is just smile in return. Vinyl is what I love and believe in. As the saying goes: "Two turntables. One love".

From 2007 to 2009 I played on various internet radio stations and in January 2010 I happily became a member of the DJ team and began my weekly Wednesday show "Kung-Fu Sounds". I have focused the show on deep drum & bass music; I love the variety of ethnic instruments, mysterious bewitching vocals, and different oriental motifs. I really like the ancient culture, mystical civilization and their teachings. For several years I have been practicing Taoist Kung-Fu. Hence the name of my show "Kung-Fu Sounds" because it reflects the vibes of my heart and soul.

In this edition of the promomix series, I introduced music that I like and I tried to show the current trends of drum & bass music as I see them. I used a lot of new unreleased material, including tracks from my label. The mix is full of dubplates by talented producers from post-USSR countries as Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine. So, from USSR with love. ;)
In general, we can say much about the music, but actually we should just listen. Enjoy the mix!

Kind Regards,
Red Catz

Listen to Red Catz LIVE on weekly, Wednesdays, 16:00 - 17:30 (CET)

AIM: redcatzdnb
>> Intro
01. Remembrance - Deprecation - [dubplate]
02. Remembrance - Dream Water - Lifestyle [forthcoming, 2011]
03. Reborn - What Julia Dreams About - [dubplate]
04. Bass'Flo - Poseidon - Bass'Flo [BFR001, 2010]
05. Sobersoul - Escape - SoulRed [forthcoming, 2011]
06. Remembrance - Waterfall - SoulRed [SOULRED01, 2010]
07. ZigZag - Star Sky (Kelle Remix) - SoulRed [forthcoming, 2011]
08. Reborn - Round Square - Kos.Mos [forthcoming, 2011]
09. Seba - Painted Sky (Bass'Flo Remix) - [dubplate]
10. Sunchase - Moulded (Pryzma Remix) - [dubplate]
11. Fade - Nemiga Dub - Sinuous [forthcoming, 2011]
12. B cloud - Deeper (Clarity Remix) - Aerial Vibes [AERIAL001, 2010]
13. ZigZag - Blizzard - Respect [forthcoming, 2011]
14. Justice & Metro - Igloo (Fade Remix) - MJAZZ [forthcoming, 2011]
15. Sobersoul - Singer Know - SoulRed - [forthcoming, 2011]
16. Remembrance - Night Bridge - SoulRed [SOULRED01, 2010]
17. Fade & Mono - Grilled - IM:LTD [forthcoming, 2011]
18. Stereotype feat. Tiiu - Dreems Come True - NexGen [NXG008, 2011]
19. Kelle - Born to Die - [dubplate]
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