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Xol - promomix april 2011
published on Mon 2011/Apr/04
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I started dj'ing acid techno and 'industrial' hardcore back in '95 while living in Rotterdam (Netherlands), heavily influenced by the massive free party scene of that very special time and place. I got into dnb a couple of years later and for a while I played both 4/4 and drum&bass, until I grew bored of techno and gave it up to fully concentrate on jungle music. In the year 2000 I moved to Madrid (Spain), where the dnb scene was still at an embryonic stage; this allowed me to start playing out a lot and play a very active part in its development through dj'ing and promoting nights. 10 years down the line, I've become a 'household name' here, regularly playing out at clubs and festivals all over Spain (not to mention the odd gig abroad, so far in another 10 European countries!). I jumped on the Jungletrain wagon in 2009, which is for me a great opportunity to showcase my most 'serious' side (indeed, playing in Spanish clubs involves a much more 'mainstream' and dancefloor-orientated approach to drum&bass which doesn't fully do me justice as a dj).

The promomix I've put together truly represents what the 'Jungletrain sound' means to me: a dark and moody vibe with a slight old school flavour, keeping it bass-heavy all the way! As any regular listener of my show will tell, I'm a very diverse dj able to play solid sets across the full spectrum; the common denominator though is that I always focus on the logical progression of my sets and instead of cramming a bunch of dubplates and the latest releases with easy mixes, I like digging into the crates to tell an elaborate story, using the most appropriate tunes and creative mixing to embark the dedicated listener onto a sonic journey. I hope you will enjoy it... All aboard!

Listen to Xol LIVE on bi-weekly (even weeks), Fridays, 16:30 -18:00 (CET)

AIM: xol13rdm
01. Hadouken! - Oxygen (Alix Perez remix) - Surface Noise [N002405DIG, 2011]
02. Loadstar - Link To The Past- Ram [RAMM 86, 2010]
>> Ed Rush & Optical - Bacteria - Virus [VRS005, 1999]
03. Cyantific & Kasra - Outer Limits - Critical [CRITLP01, 2007]
04. Lomax - Artisan (VIP mix) - Ram [RAMM 77, 2009]
05. Magnetic Man - Getting Nowhere (Breakage as hard as we try remix) - Magnet [Magnet002, 2011]
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07. Nu:Tone - Missing Link (VIP mix) - Hospital [NHS120G, 2007]
08. Logistics - Ram Raid - Hospital [NHS178CD, 2010]
09. Dj Oder - Error - Source [SRL022, 2010]
10. Break - Time After Time - Symmetry [SYMMLP002, 2010]
11. Loxy & Ink - Liberation - Horizons Music [HZNLP002, 2008]
12. Raiden & Meth - The John Wilson Project - Backlash [BLR 006, 2011]
13. Break, Calyx & Teebee - Donīt Look Down - Symmetry [SYMMLP002, 2010]
14. Origin Unknown - Lunar Bass (Commix remix) - Ram [RAMM 91, 2011]
15. Jubei & S.P.Y.- Project 1 - Metalheadz [METH 083, 2010]
16. Vicious Circle - Havana - Digital Soundboy [SBOY021, 2009]
17. Bachelors of Science & Brooklyn - Stages (Commix remix) - Horizons Music [HZN010, 2006]
18. Breakage - Old Skool Ting - Digital Soundboy [SBOYLP002, 2010]
19. Marcus visionary - Musical Murderation - Lion Dub International [LNDB003, 2009]
20. Mikal - Murdersound - Nu Urban Digital [NUMDJ 004, 2008]
21. Spinback & Gwange - The Execution (Serum remix) - CIA LTD [CIALTD015, 2009]
22. Serum & Bladerunner - Who Jah Bless - Critical [CRIT047, 2010]
23. Break - Get Up - Run DnB [DNB12002C, 2010]
24. Bladerunner - Back To The Jungle (VIP mix)- Critical [CRIT053, 2011]
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