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16 hrs agoG Lab Mix - 10/14/2019 (Free Download) Genotype, Just Jungle, Mastermind, G Skool
posted by genotypejjungle
16 hrs agoG Lab - Higher Levels EP (Genotype, Just Jungle, Mastermind)
posted by genotypejjungle
1 day ago[ARCHIVES] Fifth Freedom
replied by Watcher
4 day agoFinny - promimix october 2019
posted by arnie
5 day ago[ARCHIVES] Darkspin - The Jungle Carousel Show
replied by darksp1n
6 day agoSpinzo Guest Mix on Rinse n Wash (2019.09.16)
posted by Spinzo

Welcome to, the world's finest Drum & Bass and Jungle internet radio station! Since 2001, the station has been broadcasting 24/7 commercial-free music featuring shows from some of the genre's best DJs and producers.
Representing all angles of the sound, coming from all corners of the globe, our current programming boasts more than 80 different live shows and events, presented by over 100 DJs. Both oldschool and new, from the more forward, up-front beats to the subversive, experimental styles, we strive to provide 100% quality Drum & Bass and Jungle programming for our listeners. Whatever styles you prefer, you are sure to find them all right here on! Take the ticket, enjoy the ride...
The station is a non-profit organization and welcomes donations in order to keep the train running! latest news and announcements
Below are the latest news posts. For more news and announcements, check the forum!
Finny - promimix october 2019
posted by arnie is proud to present: Finny - promomix october 2019

13 years and 2 months after his first show, and 11 years after his first (and only) promomix, Finny returns to the spotlight for this month's showcase!

In line with his M.O. of late, Finny brings you a blissful assault of 4 deck mixing, showing what 20+ years of being a DJ can sound like. Expect double, triple and quadruple drops of deep, melodic, feel-good beats, blending tracks together to make them sound like something never before heard.

If you like what you hear, do not hesitate to tune in to Finny's Nu-Jazz Room every other Wednesday night from 21.00 - 23.00 CET, 20.00 - 22.00 GMT, 15.00 - 17.00 EST and 12.00 - 14.00 PST!


Cover... more
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ODJ - promomix september 2019
posted by arnie is proud to present: ODJ - promomix september 2019

We often talk about 'JT veterans' whenever we introduce our latest curator, but this month it's more like talking about that REALLY nice comfy chair you've had in your house for as long you can remember. Having said that, we are delighted to present the September 2019 promomix brought to you by ODJ!

ODJ has been DJing for about 19 years, and close to that when it comes to hosting the Dirtbox Radio show on The fact that this is only his fourth promomix installment is because he finds it daunting to pick 20 tunes out of some four or five thousand he's got at hand on vinyl and digitally. However, he set himself to it, and would like to add... more
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2019 welcomes Splinter to the family!
posted by Psygn
Splinter :: "Distant Projections" :: Odd Fridays @ 22:00 - 24:00 CEST

Ashford, UK based DJ, Splinter started DJ'ing in 2001. From a young age, he was heavily influenced by Jazz, Blues, Raggae, Soul, and Classical Music. In his adolescence, he delved into music production using the best tools available at the time, Tracker Software.

In his 20's, living in Amsterdam, he played many venues with Phuture-T around the area, and in 2008, had his first release on Break:Fast Audio. Splinter and Phuture-T continued to work together, and in 2011, Splinter released tracks on Eastern Promise Audio as apart of Dam Nation (Phuture-T, Logikz, Drome, Reactor Grits, and Splinter).

His recent release have been on Eastern... more
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2019 welcomes beat.marshall to the family!
posted by Psygn
beat.marshall :: "Drop it on the one" :: Odd Thursdays @ 22:30 - 00:00 CEST

Dublin DJ, beat.marshall got into DnB in 1996, then picked up a pair of 1210's and hasn't stopped DJ'ing since. He's lived and DJ'ed in San Francisco, Amsterdam, Melbourne, and currently playing a weekly Friday night show on Power FM Dublin.

Beat.marshall draws on and plays from different styles of jungle; from ruffneck to soulful, old and new, his show is something you'll want to hear if you're down for taking a journey through the jungle.

Catch his new show 'Drop it on the one' tonight, August 29th, from 22:30 - 00:00 CEST.
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Darkstar - promomix august 2019
posted by arnie is proud to present: Darkstar - promomix august 2019

Jungletrain crew member and long time resident Darkstar brings his second promomix to the table with a rough-and-smooth take on choppy drums with extreme chill vibes. Alongside Denver, Colorado's Goreteks, Darkstar presents Rinse'n'Repeat radio every Tuesday night. Typically, their show revolves around frenetic signature choppage of labels like RuptureLDN and Scientific Wax, with a sprinkle of the deep halftime vibes a la Samurai and Cosmic Bridge.

For this month's promomix, Darkstar draws upon a selection not always heard on the show. Huge lush pads and intricate yet esoteric drum programming paves the way for an atmospheric experience heavily inspired... more
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Parallel - promomix june 2019
posted by arnie is proud to present: Parallel - promomix june 2019

Parallel has been a part of the JT family for 8 years now, since his first appearance on Warbreaker's show in 2011, joining up for his own show in 2013. Needless to say we were delighted when he signed up for our monthly promomix, and excited to present you with this showcase of his own work!

DJing since 1999 and producing since 2003, Parallel saw his first vinyl release in 2007 on Pinecone Moonshine, with many releases following on labels such as DSCI4, BMTM, Subtle Audio, Alphacut, Omni Music and Criterion Records, working with artists like Relapse, Tim Reaper, Infest, Acid lab, Ahmad, Eschcaton, Scale and Sumone.

Still going strong, Parallel keeps... more
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Watcher - promomix may 2019
posted by arnie is proud to present: Watcher - promomix may 2019

One of Jungletrain's veteran selectors, Watcher, has been championing underground drum & bass on the station for over a decade. Returning for his fifth promomix, he's firing on all cylinders with a volatile blend of low-slung minimal beats, rugged modern jungle and techy club cuts.

Enjoy this promomix and make sure to catch Watcher's show 'Fifth Freedom' every other Thursday night 21.00 - 22.30 CEST! That's 20.00 - 21.30 BST, 15.00 - 16.30 EDT, 12.00 - 13.30 PDT!



01.... more
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Warbreaker - promomix april 2019
posted by arnie is proud to present: Warbreaker - promomix april 2019

Long time jungletrain resident and certified beat addict, Warbreaker drops a blazing set of heavy hitters in this April 2019 jungletrain promo mix. Known for uncompromising rhythms and aggressive mixing, jungle has been running through his veins since first hearing the sounds as a youth.

You can catch Warbreaker broadcasting live from San Francisco every other Friday from 18.00 - 19.30 PDT (21.00 - 22.30 EDT, saturday morning 04.00 - 05.30 BST, 05.00 - 06.30 CEST) right here on for his Active Mindz Radio show. Make sure you tune in!



01.... more
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2019 welcomes Docta to the family!
posted by darkstar
Docta :: "The Menthol Show" :: Odd Tuesdays @ 11AM - 1PM UTC


Docta, formerly known as Docta Roots and known offline as Cedric is a bass music DJ originally from Lyon, France. Beginning with musical interests aligning with Reggae, Dancehall and Hip Hop, Docta has wielded the music torch of Jungle/Drum and Bass since 2000. After a few years of learning the ropes and immersing himself in the culture, Docta alongside dancefloor heavyweight Salaryman built up the Totaal Rez Records imprint, proceeding to release music from artists including Hathor, Mr. Joseph and Joakuim. Around that time Docta also co-hosted a number of weekly radio shows, further entrenching his attention in breaks-wise bass-bin smashers.... more
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2019 welcomes Darkspin to the family!
posted by Psygn
Darkspin:: "The Jungle Carousel Show" :: Odd Wednesdays @ 21:00 - 22:30 CET

Darkspin has been mixing Jungle/Drum and Bass on and off for over 13 years; having grown up listening to early breakbeat/hardcore tunes played on Steve Jackson’s Kiss 100 show and then being introduced to the Jungle/D&B sound in 1993 by his cousin's fondness for Kool FM.

Not too long after, using his student grant, he picked up a pair some decent gear; 1210's, a mixer, and amp/speakers, and proceeded to blare these new sounds loud enough for his entire street to hear. Taking a bit of a hiatus for 10 years, Darkspin recently returned to the sound, and since 2015, he's been playing with the same zeal he first felt from those early... more
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