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Arnicus ft Ashback - promomix march 2010
published on Sun 2010/Mar/07
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83:31 minutes

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For this edition of the monthly JT promomix, I teamed up with the local Production Jedi Master, Ashback. Although also a skillful procrastinator like myself, Ashback spends countless hours on his computer churning out the most excellent beats, facing the challenge of arranging the patterns of his creations into finalized productions. Bringing his music to the world is what we have been working on together in the past years, and is slowly coming to fruition.

The goal of this promomix was to create something special, showcasing not only a number of Ashbacks tracks, but also featuring a combined selection of Ashbacks and Arnicus's records of choice. The result, blended together by Arnicus on the wheels of steel, is the culmination of weeks of nightly sessions, and we hope that it will please the ears of those who choose to listen to it.

Be prepared for a mix of the smoothest and deepest atmospherics, building up to not one, but two amen beauties by Eschaton and Nebula, with an intermezzo of complex beats, wrapped up with some classic sounds. And if you like them, maybe you'll want more, so do not forget to tune in to Atmospheric Aesthetics live on!
01. Photek - T'Raenon - Op Art Records [OP1, 1995]
02. Ashback ft Arnicus - International Justice - Unsigned [2010]
03. Orange & Blue - Zero Balance - Cadence Recordings [CAD012, 2009]
04. PFM & Arion - Emerge - Good Looking Recordings [GLREP012V, 2001]
05. DJ Trax - The Last Laugh (ICR Remix) - Audio Buffet [AUDIOBCD003, 2009]
06. Mr. Sizef & Unquote - Hours Have No Reverse Motion - Hospital Records [NHS158CD, 2009]
07. Nothing - Moonlift - Hospital Records [NHS158CD, 2009]
08. DJ Trax - Inner Voice - Audio Buffet [AUDIOBCD002, 2009]
09. Eschaton - Nirvana - Digibeat Music [DBMLP001, 2009]
10. Ashback ft Arnicus - Summer Vacation - Unsigned [2010]
11. Implex ft Solaris - Sonar - Counter Intelligence [CILP001, 2008]
12. Dune - Wireless - Dune Recordings [DUNE101, 1998]
13. Abstract - Maryam - Breakbeat Science Recordings [BBS008, 2002]
14. Ashback ft Arnicus - Minnesota - Unsigned [2010]
15. Bjork - Cover Me (Dillinja Remix) - One Little Indian [TPLP051T, 1996]
16. Nebula - Rare Delight - Scientific Wax [SWCD001, 2008]
17. Danny Breaks - Solar Funk - Droppin' Science [DS13, 1997]
18. Bop - Enjoy The Moment (Mun21 Rebop) - Unsigned [2009]
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