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ODJ - promomix july 2007
published on Sun 2007/Jul/08
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79:09 minutes

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I first heard Drum 'n' Bass back in the summer of '98, and it was a
quick sell for me - love at first listen, if you will. In late 2000,
with a couple years of parties and mix CD's (and tapes) under my belt, I
hooked up with my buddy Seth, and together we learned how to mix tunes.
Over six years and a few thousand records later, I find myself the
founder of DC's longest-running Drum 'n' Bass netcast, Dirtbox Radio,
and I'm still going out to parties, and still just as much in love with
the music as ever.

I have a fairly varied taste when it comes to tunes, and my mixes tend
to reflect that. I do my best to put mixes together in such a way that
it takes the listener, and myself, on a musical journey.

This particular mix is a bit different than others of late, the
beginning inspired by the rather dreary, rainy weather that was going on
outside that evening. I compiled a batch of some of my favorite recent
tunes, some older goodies, and a choice bit from Iso-Tank's upcoming
EP. All mixes were off-the-cuff, and so there are some imperfections,
but I find the end result to be honest, and enjoyable.

If you like what you hear, and I hope you do, you can catch myself, the
rest of the Dirtbox Kru, and a whole slew of talent representing the
Washington DC metropolitan area's DNB scene, right here on Dirtbox Radio airs every Sunday night, 7-11pm Eastern
Standard time, and all of our sets are recorded and archived on our

01. SKC - Offguard [Commercial Suicide]
02. Survival - Resolution [DNAudio]
03. Amit - Second Cut [BINGO]
04. Koga - Nobunaga [ISO-Tank]
05. Amit - Suicide Bomber [Commercial Suicide]
06. Fracture & Neptune - Wrong Think [Bassbin]
07. Insight - Double Dealing [Progress]
08. Breakage - Lead me On [Bassbin]
09. DJ Die - Slide Away [V]
10. Spirit - Circuit [Inneractive]
11. Titan - Nightstalk [Avalanche]
12. Mindscape - Stagger [Celsius]
13. Theory - Conquering Lion [Function]
14. Modified Motion - Tub Dubby [Modified Motion]
15. SKC - Space Pigz [Hostile]
16. Salty Dub - Red Army (JuJu Remix) [Phuturo]
17. Tactile - Banton [Dispatch]
18. Alias - Long Time [Bassbin]
19. The Fix - 8 Billion Stories [Breakin]
20. Alaska - Ancestral [Arctic]
21. Icicle - That Tune [Fokuz]
22. Alix Perez - All Alone [Spearhead]
23. Random Movement - Thick Liquid [Innerground]
24. The Jazz Thieves - Turnaround [Keynote]
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