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Splifsta - promomix august 2006
published on Sun 2006/Oct/22
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77:06 minutes

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This month i have had the Privilege of carrying out the promo mix, after many retakes and restarts i am glad to say it is complete. Many thanks to Nekura and pysrotica for all there help on this, also biggups to seabass, josh hill and arnie for assitance when needed.

I hope you enjoy this months promo mix, few of the tracks i have been spinning on me show, big shout also to all the regular listeners, mysty, mvp, venom special mentions.
1 Nero - requiem
2 The lost boys - The lost boys boot
3 Surge - Rotation
4 Nero - Ragga Puffin
5 The Force - Keep Rocking
6 Back to Basics meets Grid - Basket Case
7 Nero - Deadly Obsession
8 Dirty Harry - Pimpin aint easy
9 G Dub - Tink ya bad
10 Jaydan - Wasted
11 Ed Rush & Optical - Gas Mask Remix
12 Back To Basics - 48 Hours
13 Phantasy Mayhem Gurley - How it is G dub remix
14 Phantasy Shodan - War of the Worlds
15 Zen - Break Even
16 Dj Sappo vs Mc Bassman - Selection Dark
17 Taxman - Too Bad
18 Dj Probe Sylo - Dreadnaught
19 Zen - Boys on the street
20 Prodigy - smack my bitch up Sub Focus remix
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