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Infest - promomix june 2018
published on Fri 2018/Jun/08
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64:52 minutes

(click on image for full size) is proud to present: Infest - promomix june 2018

Next Phase Records, the imprint based in The Netherlands, releases breakbeat driven music unrestricted by BPM, and is run by designer, recording artist and DJ Infest, a long time resident on With the label having released music by a mixture of modern artists and jungle pioneers, you will find established artists such as DJ Trax, Double O, Mantra, Acid Lab, Earl Grey, Enjoy and Chris Inperspective featured on Next Phase Records.

The Next Phase Radio Show broadcasts every two weeks playing the latest upfront drum and bass material, seminal 90s classics and obscure beats. Cosmic atmospherics and intricate breakbeats are the theme whether it's old or new, light or dark.

This mix features unreleased tracks from both Infest and Next Phase Records alongside stand out tracks from the label's back catalogue. Being more than just a showcase of tunes, this month's promomix is a meticulously crafted blend of lavish soundscapes and rich drum edits, a 65 minute journey into the deepest depths of drum and bass. Mangled amens fade into beautiful breakdowns casting sunlight over dark tones and haunting voices whilst soul divas compete for attention against an onslaught of funky drummers.

Enjoy this promomix, and make sure to tune in to the Next Phase Records Radio Show every other wednesday from 21.00 - 23.00 CEST! (20.00 - 22.00 BST, 15.00 - 17.00 EDT, 12.00 - 14.00 PDT)

01 Infest - Cosmic Radio Chatter [Dub]
02 Law & Wheeler - Greyscale - Next Phase Records [Forthcoming]
03 Infest - JBB13 [Dub]
04 Infest & Drummotive - To The Generation - Next Phase Records [NPRLP002, 2017]
05 Infest - The Patterns - Guerilla Bass Records [Forthcoming]
06 Mr Walker - Counteract - Next Phase Records [NPRCD001, 2014]
07 Infest - Untitled - Transmute Recordings [Forthcoming]
08 Fushara - Pathway - Next Phase Records [NPRD002, 2018]
09 Acid Lab - Solstice - Next Phase Records [NPRD002, 2018]
10 MAC-V - Junglistic Matter - Next Phase Records [NPRFREE001, 2017]
11 DJ Trax - Feeling Deeper - Next Phase Records [NPRLP002, 2017]
12 Faible & Konfusion - Unknown Session - Next Phase Records [NPRD002, 2018]
13 Enjoy - The Shark - Next Phase Records [NPRLP002, 2017]
14 Infest - Temperance - Next Phase Records [NPRFREE001, 2017]
15 Drummotive - Synchronism - Next Phase Records [NPRLP003, 2017]
16 Law & Wheeler - Lost Fragments - Next Phase Records [Forthcoming]
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