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Darkstar - promomix july 2016
published on Wed 2016/Jul/06
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73:29 minutes

(click on image for full size) is proud to present the July 2016 promomix by Darkstar

Darkstar started his journey in electronic music in 1996 South Lake Tahoe (CA) after discovering and subsequently borrowing from a friend DJ Dan's breaks masterpiece "Loose Caboose". He embarked on a musical odyssey, deeply exploring all electronic music he could afford, enabling him to meet and play with Gravity Crew, Living Space, the dancefloors, the mountains, the forests, the desert and eventually the internet.

While attending university in Phoenix, Arizona, Darkstar met up with Aztek in 2005 and co-hosted Rinse and Repeat Radio on for nearly three years. Darkstar moved to Colorado and continued the show with newly found jungle brothers Goreteks. Heavily involved in the local Denver jungle scene (biggups Recon DnB, Sick Mindz, et al!), Darkstar and Goreteks are blessed to have world-class jungle to study regularly.

The mix that Darkstar has prepared for the July promomix captures a small but diverse selection of highly technical and interesting listening music direct from his vinyl collection. Consuming this mix will reveal two decades of musical experimentation involving meticulously programmed amen edits over tribal basslines so deep you'll want to remember to bring your helmet light.

Favorite moments include the Phuture-T remix of Ricky Force's "Bad Rep" into "Sleep Terror" by Homemade Weapons & Red Army into Microfunk Crew's "Crab Nebula" and, deep into the mix, Percussive P & Tim Reaper's untitled tune on Dublinquents into T. Power v M.K. Ultra "Mutant Jazz", followed by Seba & Method One's "Dawn Patrol". Darkstar most sincerely hopes you enjoy this mix and find this eclectic amalgamation of bass music both intriguing and uncontrollably danceable.

01. Felix K & Es.tereo - Spartan - Hidden Hawaii Limited [HHDLTD010, 2013]
02. Homemade Weapons - Mind Control - Weaponry [WPN001, 2016]
03. Fanu - Yin Dub - Lightless Recordings [LIGHTLESS006, 2014]
04. DJ Madd - Kingdom - Dub Stuy Records [DS-SP002, 2015]
05. Elemental, Troy Gunner & Rowl - The Artist - Bassmaessage [BSSMSSG001, 2015]
06. Sub - Skadi - Subtle Audio [SUBTLE011, 2008]
07. Ricky Force - Bad Rep (Phuture-T Remix) - Criterion Records [CRTNPR011, 2016]
08. Homemade Weapons & Red Army - Sleep Terror - Samurai Music [SMDE001, 2016]
09. Microfunk Crew - Crab Nebula - Microfunk Music [MICROFUNK001, 2015]
10. Indigo - Volta - Samurai Red Seal [REDSEAL022, 2013]
11. Fanu - Defunct Drums' Depression Decade - Ohm Resistance & Offshore Recordings [OHMOSR002, 2003]
12. ASC - Phobos - Nonplus Records [NONPLUS006, 2010]
13. Blocks & Escher - Moods - Metalheadz [META016, 2014]
14. Threshold - Don't Ask Me Why - Skeleton Recordings[SKELR06, 2016]
15. Lopez - Beyond Fear -8205 Recordings [8205-003, 2016]
16. Mark Archer - Headz Down - Music Mondays [12002PT1, 2015]
17. Percussive P & Tim Reaper - Untitled - Dublinquents [DUBLINQUENTS2016.1LP, 2016]
18. T. Power v M.K. Ultra - Mutant Jazz - SOUR [SOUR019, 1994]
19. Seba & Method One - Dawn Patrol - Commercial Suicide [SUICIDE088, 2016]
20. Infest & Quasi - Mercury - Repertoire [REPRV005, 2016]
21. Mono - Consciousness - Shiro [SHIRO002, 2016]
22. Pessimist - The Woods - Samurai Music Group [SMG004, 2015]
23. Overlook - Clouds - 31 Records [31RS001, 2013]
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