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DJ Wade - promomix july 2012
published on Fri 2012/Jul/06
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(click on image for full size) is proud to present: DJ Wade - promomix July 2012

Wade started his journey through music at birth on 14th april 1987, listening to radio and messing with keyboards. But it was at the age of 12 he started the use of pc based software to create synthesised electronic music consisting mostly of Jungle, Experimental, Breakbeat and House. After leaving school, Wade got his first set of turntables and the love affair with underground computer music grew considerably with the discovery of hard house and hard trance. After many years of experimentation in the home studio, Wade played his first live gig for a pirate radio station in Southend, Essex. These 2 hours spurred him on to push harder for more sets, but the new kid on the block always has more difficulty than the already established DJ.

It wasnt untill he was 19 and found a new love of music in the form of Drum and Bass, Wade was asked to be a resident DJ at Shakalabooboo, a student night at The Royal Hotel, Southend, Essex. Over the next 8 month's, Wade earned a reputation for presenting the harder, darker side of DnB. After unfortunate circumstances and the venue closing, Wade and his brother Nultiply searched for a new venue to hold their own DnB event. Sack's Underground became host to Southend's newest DnB venture, Influencial. A short lived success was followed by financial difficulty on all sides, and only after 4 event's, Influencial stopped. Wade along with fellow DJ's Nultiply, Nicky Greenfingaz, Shapemaker and InHale started to host weekly radio shows on Southend's Desire 92.1FM and support for the group grew.

In early 2009, a new name and the re-opening of a favoured old venue saw Nu:Sounds' birth as a monthly event at The Royal Hotel, shortly followed by the starting of a free Digi/Download label GND Records. The label was setup by Wade to release his unsigned music under a branded name, and is still proceding to release his unsigned music. Nu:Sounds and Nultiply continue to host events in Essex and London.

In late 2010, Wade moved to Lerwick, Shetland in the North Sea, soon thereafter starting his weekly show "The GND Records Selection Show" on still representing the harder, darker side of the DnB spectrum. but dont be suprised if he blends something unexpected into the mix!!

This promomix is to represent the styles you will see in his show, so ENJOY

Listen to Dj Wade LIVE on weekly, wednesday, 23:00 - 01:00 (CET)

1. Freestylers - Entertainer (Serial Killaz Remix) - Jungle Cakes [JC012, 2012]
2. Fort Knox Five - Uptown Tricks (Shimons Trix Mix) - Fort Knox Five [FKX022, 2009]
3. Logistics - Together - Hospital Records [NHS74, 2004]
4. David Boomah & Serum - Why They Wanna - Planet V [PLV020, 2011]
5. Break - Evil Twin - Symmetry [SYMM001, 2006]
6. Ed Solo & Deekline - Ghost Town - Jungle Cakes [JC08, 2012]
7. Breakage - So Vain - Bass Bin [BB1209, 2004]
8. The Wildlife Collective - Top Rankin - Jungle Cakes [JC03, 2009]
9. Break - They're Wrong - Symmetry [SYMM101, 2011]
10. Dr Dub feat. Harvest - Walk Away - Phuzion [PHUZION018, 2010]
11. Intelligent Manners - Superbad -Nexgen Music [NXG006, 2010]
12. Trisector - Morning Rain - Med School [MEDIC13, 2009]
13. Calibre - High Note - Signiture [SIG013, 2008]
14. Deadmau5 & Kaskade - I Remember (J Majik & Wickaman Remix) - Mau5trap [MAU5017x, 2009]
15. M.I.S.T. Feat DRS - Clockwork - Soul:R [SOULR043, 2009]
16. The Wildlife Collective - Good Lookin Gal - Jungla Cakes [JC03, 2009]
17. David Boomah - Mission Impossible (Von D Remix) - Planet V [PLV020, 2011]
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