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Use one of the links below to access the JT chat, a new tab will be opened where you can configure your nickname.
official JT chat The official new JT webchat, powered by Kiwi IRC
mibbit Our backup webchat

chat in irc client
use your favourite irc client to join our chat; here's a few clients
windowstrillian, mirc
linuxirssi, xchat
connect your irc client to
mirc / chatzillairc://irc.jungletrain.net/jungletrain

chat command list
/me is acting* nickname is acting (this is an action)
/nick newnickchanges your nickname to newnick
/join otherchanneljoin irc channel otherchannel
register your nickname:
/ns register password email(registration)
/ns identify password(identify yourself)
irc bot commands:
!npshows the current track/show
!statshows the current listener statistics
!shows todayshows the scheduled live shows
!shows mm/ddshows the scheduled live shows
?? wordshows info on word (if available)
!q or !2qshows one or two random quotes
!sq stringsearches quotes for string
chat rules
The chat's language is English
Respect each others opinion and try not to offend another
No sex or drug talk
Respect the DJ: don't post (audio) links during live shows
Enjoy! ;)