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LIVE from Friday-Sunday 22-24 August 2014 - a new JT marathon!
posted by arnie

What's up junglists!

It's time for another jungletrain.net marathon! This weekend, from Friday August 22nd 22.00 CEST until Sunday afternoon 16.00 CEST, we will be broadcasting the 2014 JT Marathon live from Ede, The Netherlands, with no less than 42 hours of LIVE drum and bass brought to you by a dedicated platoon of Junglist Soldiers.

Stand by for more information and make sure to tune in this friday!
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jungletrain.net welcomes Yankowsky to the family!
posted by arnie
Yankowsky :: "The Mono Show" :: odd Sundays from 14.30 - 16.00 CET


Jungletrain is pleased to welcome Yankowsky to the station! Tune in to his new biweekly show 'The Mono Show', broadcasting live on jungletrain.net from Silesia, Poland on odd sundays from 14.30 - 16.00 CEST.

Yankowsky loves the atmospheric, deep and drumfunk side of jungle music, is committed to the movement and a true junglist. Being the founder & Label Manager of Monochrome Recordings based in Poland, these styles are consequently heavily featured on Monochrome Records' latest releases. Lately he also focuses more on the cult of amenage and the proper sounds of art core and golden era vibes. Tune in to the Mono Show... more
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DAAT & Traffic - jungletrain.net promomix august 2014
posted by arnie
jungletrain.net is proud to present: DAAT & Traffic - jungletrain.net promomix august 2014

Brooding synthesizers and meticulously sourced samples combine seamlessly in the sonic territory created by DAAT. The duo explores the minimal, post-autonomic Drum & Bass aesthetic in the 85/170 BPM range, resulting in music that is as emotionally charged as it is rhythmically dense. Core themes in their productions are the interaction with virtual technologies and cyberspace, and the ramifications of alternate dimensions.

Traffic began his journey into Drum & Bass in 2005. Growing up as a jazz aficionado with a penchant for sample-based music, he found his way into the genres through the breakbeat precision of Source Direct and Photek, then later... more
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Centaspike - jungletrain.net promomix july 2014
posted by Cerberus
Jungletrain.net is proud to present: Centaspike - jungletrain.net promomix july 2014

Centaspike has been mixing on turntables for over 10 years now and working on perfecting productions a lot longer, heavily influenced by the strange dark sounds and aggressive broken beats. Centaspike has been hosting the Shadow Realm show on jungletrain.net since late 2013 with much joy and sexy fun times. Next to his own releases Centaspike is currently focusing on a collaboration album with fellow jungletrain.net selector Indidjinous. There's no stopping any time soon with so much studiowork in the pipeline.

This promomix is mainly to showcase his own creations, as well as remixes. The mixing style is a bit more laid back than what you would get in... more
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Jungletrain Recordings :: Greenleaf - "Eater of Worlds VIP / Nothing & No-One" [JTREX006] :: out June 30th
posted by WARBREAKER

RELEASE DATE - June 30, 2014 - www.jungletrainrecordings.bandcamp.com/

One of America’s finest Drum & Bass producers, and fellow Jungletrain.net artist; Greenleaf brings a special release that will be remembered in the Jungletrain Recordings history books! Both tunes are intense Drum & Bass excursions filled with timeless breakbeat manipulation and seriously heavy vibes.

Greenleaf - Eater of Worlds VIP
From the get go, "Eater of Worlds VIP" is a dark stomper filled with nasty break switches that demand your attention. While an eerie soundscape sets the... more
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2014/June/14 - jungletrain.net welcomes Skutta Records to the family!
posted by WARBREAKER
LA Johnson & Baddesley :: Skutta Records :: odd Thursdays from 22:30 - 24:00 CEST

LA Johnson & Baddesley's Skutta Records label is a Birmingham UK based imprint set up to provide quality up front Drum and Bass / Bass Music from around the globe with an emphasis on the experimental yet dancefloor friendly sounds.

Catch their new bi-weekly show odd Thursdays from 20:30 – 22:00 GMT ( BST+1, CEST+2, EDT-5, PDT-8 ) on jungletrain.net

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jungletrain.net proudly presents SHATTERED and ICHIONE live on May 23rd and 24th!
posted by arnie
What's up Junglists,

It's time to stock up on beverages, edibles and other consumable goods because this weekend, jungletrain.net will be streaming not one, but TWO events live to your living room!

Coming FRIDAY May 23rd we are streaming Shattered presents: Subtle Audio Volume III Album Launch Party, live from Bar A Bar in London, UK, featuring Code, Trax & Nucleus and Infest alongside residents Jaskin, Recin, And Is, Uneven and Rhodopsin!

And without much time to rest up, this SATURDAY May 24th, jungletrain.net proudly presents IchiOne's 10 year anniversary, coming at you live from Amsterdam! This artist-packed allnighter features no less than 11 performances, where from the Drum Realm room will be taken over by Arnicvs, DJ Trax, Digital... more
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Nultiply - jungletrain.net promomix may 2014
posted by arnie
jungletrain.net is proud to present: Nultiply - jungletrain.net promomix may 2014

Nultiply returns with his third mix of the Jungletrain promomix series with his most eclectic effort yet. This mix fuses half time tech, rolling and liquid beats into one. Alongside his Nu:sounds radio brand which runs every other Tuesday, Nultiply also has a selection of his own productions forthcoming on labels such as Vampire records, Soul Flex Digital and Fluid State Recordings. On top of that he continues his work with www.kmag.co.uk writing articles and co-running their monthly London event.

Make sure to tune into http://jungletrain.net/ every odd Tuesday from 22.00 - 00.00 (CET) to hear Nultiply in the mix, live from England.

E-mail: nultiplybookings@aol.co.uk

DOWNLOAD... more
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Thumbzo - jungletrain.net promomix april 2014
posted by arnie
Jungletrain.net is proud to present: Thumbzo - jungletrain.net promomix april 2014

Thumbzo started DJing in 1993 after discovering the music of the Rave scene in 1991 while still at school and was instantly hooked. Since then he's played for the likes of Unite, Rolldabeats, Technicality vs Timestretch, Interlight and Jungle Syndicate. He started playing on jungletrain.net in June 2011 and the selection in this mix reflects some of the styles from days gone by that you can catch on his shows, these range from the foundation sounds of 1988 through to Jungle. The next step for him was dabbling with making tunes, one of which is in this mix and another can be found on the Jungletrain Recordings Conductors Volume 3 EP!

Make sure to tune into... more
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2014/April/17 - jungletrain welcomes the Beautifully Crafted crew to the family!
posted by WARBREAKER
Beautifully Crafted :: "Long Live Beautifully Crafted Jungle" :: odd Sunday's 9-11:00PM (CEST)

Beautifully Crafted is a collection of 6 DJ's; Maph, Mpathy, Realer, Son of Mothra, Ill Tempa, and Charlie Turbo, each with a deep rooted love for the golden era of Jungle, Drum & Bass.

They started the Long Live Beautifully Crafted Jungle facebook group towards the end of 2012 with people flooding in daily.

More recently, the Beautifully Crafted crew decided to take a step into the real world, holding their debut club night on May 17th @ Deptford in London, UK. https://www.facebook.com/events/660080267361176/

Being passionate DJ's they also... more
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