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10:04 ago2014/April/17 - jungletrain welcomes the Beautifully Crafted crew to the family!
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10:57 agoSaturday 24 may - IChiOne allnighter / 10 Year Anniversary - Phantom Audio - Paradox - 0=0 - Etc @ Toren, Amsterdam, NL
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2014/April/17 - jungletrain welcomes the Beautifully Crafted crew to the family!
posted by WARBREAKER
Beautifully Crafted :: "Long Live Beautifully Crafted Jungle" :: odd Sunday's 9-11:00PM (CEST)

Beautifully Crafted is a collection of 6 DJ's; Maph, Mpathy, Realer, Son of Mothra, Ill Tempa, and Charlie Turbo, each with a deep rooted love for the golden era of Jungle, Drum & Bass.

They started the Long Live Beautifully Crafted Jungle facebook group towards the end of 2012 with people flooding in daily.

More recently, the Beautifully Crafted crew decided to take a step into the real world, holding their debut club night on May 17th @ Deptford in London, UK. https://www.facebook.com/events/660080267361176/

Being passionate DJ's they also... more
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Jungletrain Recordings release "Conductors Volume 3" out April 7th!!!
posted by WARBREAKER

"Conductors Volume 3" is the 3rd in a series of 4 track compilation releases that are meant to showcase the diversity of sounds and talent featured on the Jungletrain internet radio station. www.jungletrain.net

Phuture-T - "Tactile"
Straight out of the Netherlands, the one like Phuture-T delivers a beautiful drumfunk excursion with his elegant and imaginative piece, “Tactile”. Light airy pads and jazzy horns take you away as rolling, chopped up breakbeats demand your every attention. You can catch Phuture-T LIVE in the mix with his "Eastern Promise Audio" show, every other... more
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Noire - jungletrain.net promomix march 2014
posted by arnie
Jungletrain.net is proud to present: Noire - jungletrain.net promomix march 2014

Kasia aka Noire is a DJ from Posen, Poland. She fell in love with music from the second she was born. After finishing music school, she graduated with a degree in acoustics at the Im. Adama Mickiewicza University in Posen.

Noire crossed paths with drum & bass at the end of the 90's, and it was immediately clear that her heart beats at around 174 bpm. In 2004 she hooked up with XZ32 from Belgium, and Noise Control was born. Her style of Drum & Bass is roughly described (though not limited to) as "tech", "smashing beats & stabbing bass", "dirty midrange" and lately also "minimal". She has been mixing at parties at various locations in Europe.

Make sure to... more
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Saturday March 22nd - IChiOne presents: Ricky Force, Yorobi, Silvahfonk, Arnicvs @ OT301 Amsterdam, NL
posted by arnie

IChiOne is proud to present the next edition, coming up on Saturday March 22th, streamed live at http://jungletrain.net/!

For this occasion we have invited badman Ricky Force over from Ireland as well as Dutch Drum and Bass veteran Yorobi!

The night's programming is as follows:

Arnicvs (jungletrain.net / IChiOne) NL
Yorobi (jungletrain.net) NL
RICKY FORCE (Pressin' Hard / Mac2 / DSCI4 / 36Hz) IE
Silvahfonk IChiOne (Creative Wax / IChiOne) NL

The party will be starting at 22.00 CET until 03.00 and will be broadcast on jungletrain.net in its entirety.

Be sure to check out the event page on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/events/587929031275570/ and come down to party with us!

Otherwise,... more
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2014/Feb/25 - jungletrain welcomes Jaskin to the family!
posted by WARBREAKER
Jaskin :: "86Beatz" :: even Tuesdays from 10PM - 12AM (CET) / 1-3PM (PST)

Growing up in the vibrant city of Vilnius, capital of Lithuania, Jaskin became very interested in music during childhood. The sounds of Electronica, Jazz and Rock music were constantly filling his home, making a huge impact on his early years. Teenage years were marked by picking up a guitar and starting a small punk rock band with friends from school. Jaskin soon realized that syncopated and energetic beats were something that caught his ear more so than anything else. Bands like Depeche Mode, Slipknot, and Rammstein, were gradually painting the background of things to come.... more
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2014/Feb/5 - jungletrain welcomes The Polygirl to the family!
posted by WARBREAKER
The Polygirl :: "Polyspheres" :: even Fridays from 10-11:30PM (CET) / 1-2:30PM (PST)

Ever since childhood, The Polygirl was drawn to electronic music due to its novel synthetic sounds. Growing up in Germany, this music intrigued her, signifying a gateway to another world. The music gave her vibrant visions of a creative unknown that she had yet to discover. At first also drawn to the Punk Rock and New Wave scenes, by the mid to late 80s her love for electronic music flourished with the EBM (Industrial) and Atonal music scenes. This influenced The Polygirl to start experimenting with production in collaboration with a friend, creating her first experimental... more
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2014/Jan/22 - jungletrain welcomes Martian Man to the family!
posted by WARBREAKER
Martian Man :: "More Cowbell" :: Saturday's 6-8PM (PST) / Sunday 3-5AM (CET)

Growing up in Texas, Martian Man’s love for Jungle, Drum & Bass came fairly early on in life. After his Punk Rock and Industrial days, he became interested in dance music from listening to KDGE 94.5. Broadcasting live from Club A and later Edge Club 94 with Jeff K, KDGE aired weekly shows with guest DJ's playing Electronica but most notably; Jungle, Drum & Bass. Martian Man was hooked on the new underground sounds he heard, listening to and recording every show he could.

This musical inspiration forced Martian Man to begin working on audio production, with a bit of... more
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Warbreaker - jungletrain.net promomix january 2014
posted by arnie
Jungletrain.net is proud to present: Warbreaker - jungletrain.net promomix january 2014

The one like the Warbreaker has been a fan of subversive, experimental music since his early days on the planet Earth. Growing up in Southern California, Warbreaker was introduced to the thriving Los Angeles Drum & Bass scene early on in his high school days. He immediately fell in love with the music and its culture. Going to numerous massive and illegal parties became a weekly routine. While at the same time going to and playing in punk rock and metal bands, he was always inspired by the diversity of the Drum & Bass scene, along with the jungle beats he heard crumbling musical boundaries.

It wasn't until age 23 when Warbreaker became serious about... more
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Flowah - jungletrain.net promomix december 2013
posted by arnie
Jungletrain.net is proud to present: Flowah - jungletrain.net promomix december 2013

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, William Brand AKA Flowah has been an original LA junglist since the golden era of ‘94. After purchasing a tape pack called "R.A.W. is Dead" by R.A.W. aka 6Blocc, Flowah was immediately hooked to these new ‘Hardcore Jungle’ sounds coming out of the UK!

In recollection of these early Drum and Bass memories, Flowah says "I've been playing stuff like Production House, XL Records and the old Prodigy works prior to 1994. I guess you can call it ‘Breakbeat Hardcore’, but it wasn't until I listened to that tape pack, that I heard the melodic chords mixed up with those breaks and laced with lethal bass lines. I became... more
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Jungletrain Recordings :: Indidjinous - Devil's Night / Swellz [JTREX004] :: OUT NOW!!!
posted by WARBREAKER

AVAILABLE NOW - http://jungletrainrecord...ils-night-swellz-jtrex004

One of America’s finest Drum & Bass producers, and fellow Jungletrain artist; Indidjinous, brings forth a massive release for Jungletrain Recordings! Both tunes being very different, display Indidjinous’ signature ‘post-apocalyptic swamp funk’ sound, showing the vast range of his production styles.

Indidjinous - Devil's Night
‘Devil’s Night’ is a dark amen rinse out filled with nasty switches, gritty drum fills, huge earth quaking bass, and a rugged progression.... more
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