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Traffic - promomix january 2010
published on Fri 2010/Jan/01
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I started listening to Drum & Bass back in 2004. It was a sudden introduction that oddly quickly took over as my most-listened genre. I started producing as a hobby during that time and always had an interest for DJing. Around 2006 I bought some turntables and my first vinyl. My collection, knowledge, taste, and appreciation for the music has grown tremendously since the beginning. I'm pretty much across the board, however I mainly focus on left-field stuff, and more precisely, drumfunk. I'm an old school addict, and I cherish my vinyl collection like it was a child. For me DJing isn't about playing in clubs or becoming the next big thing. I purely play for the appreciation of the music, and it brings me great joy to share this with you all.

For this mix, I tried to create my perfect mix that goes through all the sub-genres of this amazing type of music. By no means is it "perfect", but hopefully you can get a vibe out of it that will carry you through it all. It covers pretty much everything for me, starting off darker, then hitting the melodic phase, which brings it to the new age of dnb, and returns to some drumfunk classics.

Be sure to catch my show in the new year on Fridays. I hope you enjoy and comments are always appreciated.

Stay safe,

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01. Breakage & Threshold - 8 Bit - Reinforced Records [RIVET 186, 2002]
02. Source Direct & Instra:Mental - Yo Bitch! - Demonic [DEMON 12001, 2000]
03. Seba & Paradox - Sound on Sound - Bassbin [BB1214, 2005]
04. Nolige - Hunted - Architecture [ARX022, 2007]
05. Fracture & Neptune - Killerwhat? - Astrophonica [APHA001, 2009]
06. Klute - Property Is Theft - Commercial Suicide [SUICIDE CD007, 2007]
07. Blu Mar Ten - Above Words - Blu Mar Ten [BMT001, 2009]
08. Instra:Mental - Pacific Heights - Darkestral [DARKESTRAL 002, 2007]
09. Danny Breaks - Beat Biter - Droppin' Science [DS 027, 2001]
10. Equinox - Coastal Vision - Warm Communications [WARM 002, 2002]
11. NOS - Overtone - Eastside Records [EAST 51, 2003]
12. DJ Krust - Brief Encounters - Full Cycle Records [FCY011, 1997]
13. Equinox - Don't Wanna Hurt You - Bassbin [BBLP1, 2005]
14. Alaska & Seba - Back From Eternity - Artic Music [AM 002, 2006]
15. Switch - Days Of The Week - Rubik Records [RRT 015, 2007]
16. Sabre - Oxygen - Future Thinkin' Records [FTREC 1202, 2006]
17. Macc - Long Tall Sally - Subtle Audio Recordings [SUBTLE003EP, 2009]
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