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A-T-9 - promomix august 2009
published on Sun 2009/Aug/02
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72:53 minutes

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I started raving in the summer of 1989 and was inspired by the London pirate stations such as Sunrise, Centre Force FM, Fantasy FM, Dance FM, and Friends FM. After many years of partying and being spoiled by the London music scene I bought my own set of decks and began my DJ journey. In 2003 I completed the DJ Kingdom Academy Course for DJ Skills & Promotions and passed with top grades.

I am a real crowd pleaser with a wicked tune selection and an outstanding ability to read the crowd. I have played at a variety of nights including Liquidiser, Grand Theft Audio, Overload, Rebirth, Phixation, Mashed, Flashback, Absolute Oldskool, REBIRTH: Summer Gathering Glastonbury, Nature, Lean People, Nu-Clear Sounds, Rubiks Cube, Concreate Dub/BeatBristol, and Epiphany. I'm the promoter for the Epiphany nights in Bristol and in the past I have promoted other club nights including Grand Theft Audio and have played a big part in promoting the first two Liquidisers.

My styles of Drum & Bass cater to everyone, as I play tunes from across the board, from Liquid Jump Up to Deep Tech and Old Skool Drum & Bass. My sets always flow to keep the crowd dancing with the odd sample thrown over the top to take it that one step higher. I have DJed on since 2005 and have selected tunes for this promo mix from around that time, progressing into the current year. My show is called Kwality KontroL due to the fact I play kwality choonz! Lock and load baby! Big up all Junglist crew far & wide!

Listen to A-T-9 LIVE bi-weekly (even weeks) on Saturdays, 15:30 - 17:00 (CET)


01. Q Project - Soul Star - Liquid V [LQD006, 2005]
02. Marcus Intalex - Bridge The Gap - Revolve:R [REVOLVER004, 2005]
03. M.I.S.T - Outerspace - Soul:R [SOULR007, 2003]
04. Klute - We're All Dying - Soul:R [SOULR019, 2006]
05. St.Cal - Losing Ground - Soul:R [SOULR018, 2005]
06. Marcus Intalex - Temperance - Soul:R [SOULR015, 2004]
07. Logistics - Inside My Soul - Hospital [NHS81, 2004]
08. Q Project - Ask Not VIP - Advanced [ADVR017, 2005]
09. Logistics - The Trip - Hospital [NHS86, 2005]
10. High Contrast - Days Go By - The Contrast [CONTRAST001, 2005]
11. Calibre - Second Sun - Signature [SIGLP001, 2005]
12. Silva D - Love & Hate (Bcee & Lomax Remix) - Ease Up [EUR001, 2006]
13. Kubiks & Lomax - Wise Words - Progress [PRGLTD001, 2006]
14. Brookes Brothers - Crazy World rmx - Data [DATA197P1, 2008]
15. Split Second - Feel You - Liq-weed Ganja [LIQWEED009, 2008]
16. Camo & Krooked - Fast Lane - Sudden Def [SDR12034, 2009]
17. Chase & Status - Take Me Away - Ram [RAMM72, 2008]
18. Chase & Status - Hurt You - Ram [RAMM68, 2007]
19. S.P.Y - Sunship - Spearhead [SPEAR024, 2009]
20. Break rmx - Clear Skyz - Clearskyz [SKYZ004, 2009]
>> Highgrade - Sound Burial - Smokin Riddims [SMOKE05, 2009]
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