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Arnicus - promomix april 2008
published on Tue 2008/Apr/01
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77:13 minutes

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Sometimes the best way to record mixes is when you do not know you are going to. The same happened to me, when it turned out that this months DJ unfortunately was unable to get Aprils promomix done in time.

As a last minute resolution I stepped up and recorded this mix. Although I did have most of the tracklist done beforehand, it has been done in only one take. I was determined, because most of the time, the first take contains the most surprises, the best mixes because you yourself do not know what is coming. Ever got freaked out because that one mix didn't work out for the 5th time? Throw away your tracklist and start over.

Most people that know me probably know I am notorious for flowing from style to style often. This time I tried to stick to the atmospheric sounds, and even kind of managed to succeed at that. Expect a smooth blend of the intelligent spaced-out sounds like Mav, Blame and Dak, the subverted beats of Dissident, Polar and Boymerang and the so well known excellent atmospheric sound of producers like Nebula and Seba. I also threw in a track I helped Ashback co-produce and on the brink of finishing the mix a fresh tune by QR.

Enough small talk, enjoy this mix!
01. Mav - Atomic Collision [Covert Operations, 2005]
02. Oddysey - Nextgen [720 Degrees, 1999]
03. Blame - Forest of Pagodas [Good Looking, 2002]
04. Dissident - Possible Worlds [Covert Operations, 2007]
05. Dragonsword - Plasma Eyes [720 NU Degrees, 2002]
06. Mav - Out Of The Blue [Covert Operations, 2005]
07. Dak - Snow Waves [Counter Intelligence Digital, 2005]
08. Polar - Out Of Range [Certificate 18, 2002]
09. Boymerang - Lazarus [Regal, 1997]
10. Arnicus ft Ashback - Memory Loss [Unsigned, 2007]
11. Seba - Catch The Moment [Good Looking, 1998]
12. Mav ft Tyrah Morena - Static Interference [Covert Operations, 2005]
13. Nebula - Atlantic Drift [Syncopathic, 2008]
14. QR - Ice Flower [Unsigned, 2008]
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