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Etheric Progression - promomix march 2008
published on Sun 2008/Mar/02
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60:45 minutes

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I've been a DJ for over 5 years now, 3.5 with After these years my selection remains with the soulful, jazz and liquid rinsers, from D.C. to Tampa, from house to Drum N' Bass, J.J. continues to dedicate his time to the Soul FM show on Mondays at 7pm EST. This mix includes the one like Noel Sonkwa of Nex Gen recordings and various forthcoming tunes and unreleased joints on Nex Gen big respect to the crew!
01. Matt Doubt - Stop on By - NexGen (forthcoming)
02. Tyler Straub - Nostalgic - NexGen dub
03. Dire Affectionate - What you need (I'll show you) - NexGen dub
04. Mutt - Kush Talk - Spearhead
05. Dire Affectionate - Forbidden fruit - NexGen
06. Dee-Lite vs. NexGen (Urban Enigma) - Power of Love (Kryo Remix) - NexGen dub
07. Chris Paul and Mia V - Sunset Cruizin' - NexGen (forthcoming)
08. Sol.ID - Under Pressure
09. Kjell - Nonbelievers
10. Sol.ID - Avian Jazz
11. Stunna - Flying High
12. Nusense - A New Day (Vocal)
13. Subz and J-Cut - Virgin Sand
14. Nusense - Day Dream
15. Kyro - Spring Fever - NexGen dub
16. Kyro - Sumthin' a Bit Jazzy - NexGen dub
17. Kjell - Acceptance
18. Tyler Straub - Favorite Time of Year
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