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What the Bleep - promomix december 2007
published on Sat 2007/Dec/01
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75:14 minutes

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"There is something about jungle, ragga vocalists and MCs, and the spirit of Jamaica that attracts me to this culture and music. When I listen to a song that speaks of suffering and suppression in a government of corruption and greed, I feel the pain in the voice. I sense the genuine nature of the stories and emotions."

I have been DJing on since January 2007 spinning mostly a selection of old skool and ragga jungle tunes. Since my show began, I have been very proud to play this style; there are very few DJs who explore beyond the preferred "subverted" sound of I will not deny that it has been tough trying to fit in, but I am more than up to the challenge. I have the normal chatroom hecklers (you know who you are) to thank for keeping me on my toes and pushing me to always improve. I also must thank the DJs, crewmembers, and listeners for being open to something different. It has been a pleasure steadily becoming more and more involved with the station; I look forward to a new year as a DJ and crewmember.

This mix features many of my original jungle influences, including Congo Natty and Ganja Records. That old skool sound is what lured me into ragga, and the majority of this mix reflects my dedication to it. However, the last portion of the mix shows respect to the producers who are keeping ragga jungle alive today. Ragga jungle has evolved greatly since its inception in the early 90s, but even after changing so much, its message is still intact: There is always a battle to be fought. With that said, I would like to dub this mix "Eternal Clash".

More info:
01. Smokey Joe - Special Request (Original Mix) - Labello Blanco Recordings [LAB008]
02. DJ Zinc - So Damn Fresh - Ganja Records [GANJACL002]
03. Shabba Ranks - Let's Get It On (Shy FX And T-Power Mellow Vibes Version) - Epic Records [XPR 2164]
04. RCola & Jackie Murda feat. Bass Nacho - Cowboy Run - JungleXpeditions [JXR006]
05. Splash - Babylon - Juice Records [ECIUJ030]
06. Q Bass - Funky Hardcore (DJ Hype Remix) - Suburban Base Records [SBA112]
07. Marvellous Cain - Hitman (DJ Hype Remix) - IQ [RIQ001]
08. Blackstar feat. Top Cat - His Imperial Majesty - Congo Natty Records [CONGONATTY11]
09. M-Beat feat. General Levy - Incredible (Deep Bass Underground Mix) - Renk Records [12RENKT44]
10. Splash - Babylon (Dillinja Remix) - Juice Records [ECIUJ030]
11. Twisting Lion feat. Super Sonic - One O'Clock (Freestyle Mix) - Boogie Man Records [BOOM5]
12. Pascal - In Da Meantime - Ganja Records [GANJACL004]
13. DJ Hype - Mash Up Da Place - Ganja Records [GANJACL006]
14. Tribe Of Issachar feat. Top Cat - Champion Natty ('97 Dub Plate) - Congo Natty Records [RAS10]
15. Lion Of Judah feat. Ronnie Thwaites - Binghi Man (G Squad Remix) - Congo Natty Records [RAS07]
16. Rebel MC - Dubplate 3 - Congo Natty [CLC023]
17. Rebel MC - Trinity Way - Congo Natty [CLC004]
18. Sound Of The Future - The Lighter (White Lion Soundsystem Renegade Lighter Mix) - Top Ranking Records [TOP002]
19. Ritual - Conscious Rebel Music - JungleXpeditions [JXR006]
20. Ljudas - Fade Away - Shout Recordings [SHOUT013]
21. Paulie Walnuts - How Come - Top Ranking Records [TOP004]
22. Smokah - Bawling For Soundclash - Walkingstick World Records [WWR002]
23. Direct Feed feat. General Jah Mikey - Konkrete Jungle - Jungle Riddim Records [JR005]
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