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Leonux - promomix november 2007
published on Thu 2007/Nov/01
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62:07 minutes

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I started spinning the wheels of steel 4 years ago. After a serious hiphop addiction I slowly made my way into the drum and bass/jungle sounds. At first I performed as an MC alongside DJs while perfecting my skills and getting to know the music behind the decks at home. I joined the Pitchcontrol crew in 2005 and quickly gained more experience doing gigs as a DJ. Also I organize the Pitchcontrol parties here in Arnhem and with great positivity I am trying to give people that ''real'' sound that I think also represents.

I've been doing Pitchcontrol Radio every monday for over a year now, however due to schooling I haven't been able to do it further. Even though, I had a great time with you guys and I want to thank everyone that supported the show. And of course Pitchcontrol Radio is still runnin with noie and Silvahfonk every Tuesday.

In this mix I wanted to represent some of the classic sounds I like, but also I wanted to create a mix with more styles combined . You will hear some rollers, techstep but also amens are combined with a drumfunk twist. I hope it will blow your ears and wake your neighbors.

Also I want to give a big shout to Josh-Hill and the JT crew. Lots of respect to all listeners that support the JT massive!! And one love to the Pitchcontrol family! Respect...
01. Teebee - Lost Souls
02. Break - Mr Crystal
03. Fierce & Optiv - Surface Noice
04. Duo Infernale - Lost in World
05. Rhymetime & Youngman - Fever
06. Optical - The Shining
07. Spinor - Absolom
08. Orgone - Hymn (Dom & Roland Remix)
09. Seba & Paradox - Remembrance
10. Noisia - Omissions
11. Bulletproof - Echolon
12. N.phect & Dizplay & Generic & Subtone - Outspace
13. Silent Witness - The Sands
14. Titan - Mathmatics
15. Chris inperspective - Each Twin Unique
16. Matrix & Fierce - Tightrope
17. Blame - Medusa
18. Blame - The One
19. Future Passed - Is That You
20. Ed rush & Optical - Bacteria
21. Killer instinct - Incision
22. Commix - Sattelite
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