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DConvict - promomix january 2007
published on Fri 2007/Jan/05
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73:57 minutes

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"A new year is upon us... and I took some time to reflect on drum and bass as a whole. Music that came to me when I was a kid back in '96. I've tried to build up my set around my history in drum and bass, something I always try when I spin out live. Drum and bass is so much more to me then those latest dubs, or the latest new hypes. It's about a vibration, a vibe, unity... something very special that luckely I can still feel today, more then 10 years after being introduced to it. The mix itself is a walk trough my drum and bass time. Starting off with one of my first Dom & Roland plates, going to the mists of the No U-Turn camp with one of my heroes Boymerang. , Followed by Dillinja's greatest moment, driving on the insane bass's of Ed Rush and Nico, steppin' in a new realm with Krust to fully let all registers go with Bad Company, Noisia, Universal Projects best, Stakka and Skynets anthem, the abstract sound of Amit and Raiden in full force to link up with the present danger on the floor. To end the mix I just had to put those all time dancefloor destroying tracks in by the Ram Trilogy. Last plate I just recently received on vinly, after looking for it for years and years.

This is what I do on stage.

This is my story.

1 : Dom and Roland "The Storm" - Moving Shadow
2 : Ed Rush & Nico "Technology (Boymerang Remix)" - No U-Turn
3 : Dillinjah "Silver Blade" - Prototype
4 : Psion "S4" - Audio Blueprint
5 : Ed Rush & Nico "Guncheck" - No U-Turn
6 : DJ Rap "Hardstep" - Proper Talent
7 : Nasty Habits "Shadow Boxing (The Remix)" - 31 Records
8 : DJ Krust "Warhead (Steppa Mix)" - V Recordings
9 : Keaton & Hive "The Plague" - Renegade Hardware
10 : Bad Company "Oxygen (The Drilla Killa)"- BC Recordings
11 : Noisia "Block Control" - Moving Shadow
12 : Universal Project "Vessel" - Virus Recordings
13 : Amit "Swastika" - Commercial Suicide
14 : Stakka & Skynet "Decoy" - Underfire
15 : Raiden "I Hate You Motherfuckers" - Freak Recordings
16 : Ram Trilogy "Scanners" - RAM Records
17 : Absolute Zero & Subphonics "The Code" - Renegade Hardware
18 : Ram Trilogy "Mind Overload" - RAM Records
19 : E-Z Rollers "Tough At The Top (Origin Unknown Remix)" - Moving Shadow
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