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Tripnotix - promomix february 2006
published on Sun 2006/Oct/22
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72:14 minutes

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Hi everyone!
Here is my JT promomix for February.

I made it atmospheric dnb with a deep futuristic twist in it and really tried to catch the deeper realm of that music. :)
And i hope that through that set ive succeeded in bringing at least a little bit of those infinitley deep soundscapes that this music shows us, in to our four dimensional reality.

DAMN! got all philosophical here 8-)

in any case...
I hope you will enjoy listening to that set as ive enjoyed making it :)
01. Mindgear - Unknown
02. Aural Imbalance - Perfect Sense (PHD Remix) (Cadence Records)
03. P.B.K. - Nebula Force (Expressions)
04. PHD - Beneath the Surface (Ascendant Grooves)
05. Mykra - Chimes (Expressions)
06. Future Engineers - Time and Space (Temple Records)
07. Mykra - Sun II (Expressions)
08. Drum Origins and Skeema - Right Now (Fokuz Records)
09. P.B.K. - Marslayers (Camino Blue Records)
10. TQ 1 - Tunnel Vision (Ascendant Grooves)
11. Aural Imbalance and David Holness - Euphonix (Ascendant Grooves)
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