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Josh-Hill - promomix october 2005
published on Sun 2006/Oct/22
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77:35 minutes

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Another month, another JT promomix. This time I ran out of excuses for not having to do the mix (as I finally got a new mixer, pc and soundcard). So, here is mine!...
This months mix will take us on a trip through my dreamworld. Although the dream will start with some flashback of when life was simple, we will pretty soon be thrown into the heart of the dreamworld, where things are surreal, so hold on tight! Rest assured though, although the trip will prolly get a bit hectic towards the end, we should softly land back onto my pillow...
01. DJ Die - Reincarnated [full cycle]
02. Decoder - Falling [31 records]
03. Alpha Proxima - Conspiracy Theory [autoi]
04. Neotech - Terminal [moving shadow]
05. Future Forces - Saga [renegade hardware]
06. Makai - Black Belt 2nd Dan [precision breakbeat research]
07. Nico - Lo [no u turn]
08. Nucleus & Paradox - Love Her [esoteric]
09. Seba - External Reality [secret operations]
10. DJ Hidden - The Wrong Way [ruff-teck]
11. Technical Itch - Heavy Metal [tech itch]
12. Mindmachine - Acid Poetry [outbreak ltd]
13. Baron - Eight Bit [phuturo]
14. Chris.SU - Undying [dsci4]
15. B-Key - Outcry [outbreak ltd]
16. Vertigo - The Drained [droppin' science]
17. K - Trackspill [thermal]
18. Evol Intent - 7 Angels With 7 Plagues [barcode]
19. Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch - The Gift [unkut]
20. Black Sun Empire - Gun Seller [transparent]
<<< Unusual Incident - Steroids [ruff-teck]
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