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Goreteks - promomix april 2018
published on Thu 2018/Apr/05
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71:23 minutes

(click on image for full size) is proud to present: Goreteks - promomix april 2018

Touching down from Denver CO USA, Goreteks are Tracy Strode and Tyler Schroder. Inspired by the likes of Tech Itch, Decoder and Dom & Roland, these two have been DJing the darkest jungle they can procure, at raves and clubs across the US for 20 years, and producing for the last 10, with releases spanning many labels, including Architecture, 117, Plush, Omni, and more forthcoming. Both are also involved in Recon DnB, a forward-thinking underground promotion company that brings international jungle/dnb/juke talent to Denver on a monthly basis.

Goreteks have been playing on Jungletrain for close to 10 years! After meeting fellow 'trainer' Darkstar at a software meetup in 2010, Darkstar invited them to play on his weekly show, quickly turning into a permanent residency. Doing the show continues to be an inspiration to both of them, as well as an excellent reason to keep up with all (or at least as much as they can!) of the amazing jungle vinyl being pressed today.

For the April JT promomix, Strode steps into the spotlight and give you a taste of what Goreteks is about. Despite their affinity for the wax and nearly all their jungletrain shows being vinyl-only, this special Jungletrain promomix is all digitally-sourced so they could bring the most up-front tunes in their armory!

We hope you enjoy this mix, and if you do, make sure to tune in to Rinse & Repeat Radio every Tuesday night from 8-10PM EDT, 5-7PM PDT (1-3AM BST, 2-4AM CEST)!

01. Shift - Wasteland - Pinecone Moonshine [PCMSV019 Bonus Download, 2018]
02. SMYLA - Singular Sound - Mute:8 Recordings [MUTE8014, 2018]
03. Vince Rollin - Prometheus - Skeleton Recordings [SKELR11, 2018]
04. Centaspike - Sleeper Agents - Tech Itch Recordings [TILP006, 2018]
05. Goreteks - Canister (Grits & Phuture-T PTP Rmx) - Eastern Promise Audio [dub]
06. Blocks & Escher - Your Ghost - Metalheadz [METALP015S, 2018]
07. dreadmaul - Puppet Master [dub]
08. Mark Kloud - Stub - Ronin Ordinance [RO013, 2018]
09. dreadmaul & Goreteks - Last Tree [dub]
10. Lewis James - Clash - Rua Sound [RUA005, 2018]
11. dreadmaul & Goreteks - Fractured - Ronin Ordinance [dub]
12. Mantra - Nocturne - Rupture London [RUPLDNLP001, 2018]
13. Champa B - Deception VIP - Holotype Audio [HAV004, 2018]
14. Greenleaf - Time - Rupture London [RUPLDNLP001, 2018]
15. Equinox - Running - 7th Storey/Subtle Audio/Scientific Wax [7THSUBSCI001, 2018]
16. Lavery - The Man They Mention - Sub Code Records [free download, 2018]
17. Sully - Soundboy Don’t Push Your Luck - Foxy Jangle [FOXY02, 2018]
18. DJ Harmony - Let Me In (Kid Lib Remix) [free download, 2017]
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