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Warbreaker - promomix october 2015
published on Mon 2015/Oct/12
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(click on image for full size) is proud to present: Warbreaker - promo mix October 2015

Warbreaker (David Siskin) has been a fan of subversive, experimental music since his early days on planet Earth. Growing up in Encinitas, California (a northern suburb of San Diego), he was introduced to the thriving Los Angeles Drum & Bass / Jungle scene in his high school days. Driving hours through the night to numerous massives and illegal parties became a weekly routine. Hearing some of California’s finest old school DJs like E-Sassin, Abstract, R.A.W, Sage, and UFO!; along with the many international touring DJs that came through, left a lasting impression. At that time, David was also playing guitar in punk and metal bands with his friends, most notably a band called Odious Mortem. While remaining focused on releasing music and touring with his old band, he was always inspired by the diversity of the Drum & Bass scene and its complex Jungle beats.

In 2001 David took a trip to Europe and spent a lot of time in London, England going to Drum & Bass shows at events like Renegade Hardware at The End, Movement at Bar Rumba & Brixton Mass, Fabric, and more. That trip definitely solidified a long lasting passion for Drum & Bass. After experiencing some mind-bending sets from the likes of Twisted Anger, Storm, Loxy, Ink, Dylan, Ray Keith, Bryan Gee, and many others, the game was most definitely on. Warbreaker had fallen down the rabbit hole and there was no looking back. Much of his time turned into an obsession with researching everything he could about every tune, dubplate, production alias, mix, record label, and history, of all things Drum & Bass and Jungle music.

It wasn't until after moving to San Francisco in the mid 2000s when Warbreaker became consumed with DJing, later beginning to experiment with production. A lot of DJ inspiration and technical education from friends led him to decide that it was time to start playing out and contributing directly to the music he loved so much. Over the years Warbreaker has managed events for Active Mindz, Shelter, IN2IT and BADNB, sharing the stage with Drum & Bass legends such as Remarc, Seba, Bizzy B, Paradox, ASC, and Fanu, to name a few. He also spent years helping manage, as well as setting up Jungletrain Recordings for the station’s artists. As the years went on, Warbreaker stepped aside from a lot of scene involvements due to other obligations, and was able to slowly concentrate more of his efforts towards production. Through it all, Warbreaker remained focused on his fortnightly Active Mindz Radio show on featuring his favorite Drum & Bass / Jungle sounds both new and old.

With that said, make sure to tune into every other Friday from 9:30 – 11:00 PM (PST) (05:30 – 7:00 CET) to hear Warbreaker in the mix, broadcasting live from San Francisco, California for Active Mindz Radio!

01. Diphasic - Reason - 45SEVEN [45711AA, 2014]
02. King Fifi - 100,000 Chickens - 45SEVEN [45713AA, 2015]
03. Flatliners, Mental Forces - Standalone Rudie - Urban Poetry Records [UPDIG003, 2011]
04. Dubmonger & LXC - Dreader Than Land - 45SEVEN [4571VAA, 2013]
05. Theory - Frenemy - Dub Clinique [DCQ002, 2013]
06. Flatliners - Island Dub CX Digital [CXD007, 2013]
07. King FiFi - Oh Baby - 45SEVEN [4574A, 2013]
08. The Untouchables – Sounds Dying - CX Digital [CXD004, 2012]
09. Concealed Identity - Him Haile - Tribe 12 [T12SNGL002, 2013]
10. Theory - Babylon Dem (Dubmongers The Drum Machine Museum dub) - Translation Recordings [TRNSLTAPE001, 2013]
11. Theory – Babylon Dem (Original Mix) - Translation Recordings [TRNSLDIGI007, 2010]
12. B-Key - Jah Jah - Scientific Wax [SWD027, 2015]
13. Warbreaker - Soundsystem [Dub, 2015]
14. Equinox - Hold Jah Hand - Stand Firm Hi-Fi [SFHF001, 2015]
15. Theory ft Chieftan Joseph - Hi Grade – Rupture London [RUPTURELDN006, 2014]
16. Nebula – Retrospective - Scientific Wax [SWD028, 2015]
17. Nebula - The Dream Begins - Scientific Wax [SW018, 2013]
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