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Arnicvs - promomix july 2015
published on Sat 2015/Jul/11
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78:44 minutes

(click on image for full size) is proud to present: Arnicvs - promomix july 2015 headmaster Arnie, also known as Arnicvs, stepped up to the plate to deliver this month's promomix. He would like to say this about this installment:

"It's been a while since I did a solo promomix, during which time my music library has expanded considerably, so I figured it was time to put some of that music in the spotlight!

"To this end I descended into deep meditation during the past week, attempting to conjure up a perfectly blended post-2000 selection, showcasing a few of my favourite tracks of the past years as well as some wicked recent releases. And all that remains is to hear if you agree with me after listening to this mix!

"On this journey you will find a cross section of what you could expect when listening to the Atmospheric Aesthetics or Blissful Beats sessions every Tuesday night.

"Accompanied by this ambient masterpiece of Maff during takeoff, you will travel through the outer reaches of our solar system, revelling in cinematic soundscapes, emotional ballad-like breaks, traversing the dark and eerie nebulae of our local spiral arm, to return safely to Earth orbit, touching down on the soothing sounds of ASC's So Many Questions.

"I hope you will enjoy this mix as much as I did curating it for you, and to see you around on Tuesday, wanting for more! Buddha bless and thank you for your support through 13 years of!"

You can catch Arnicvs live on every Tuesday night from 20.00 - 22.00 CE(S)T, where on even weeks he presents Atmospheric Aesthetics, and on odd tuesdays he will be broadcasting Blissful Beats live during one of his ventures into (deep) space!

01. Maff Stenning - The North Sea Intimate - Pinecone Moonshine [PCMS036, 2015]
02. A Guy Called Gerald ft Jennifer Neal - The Universe - Studio !K7 [!K7088CD, 2000]
03. Urban Trip - Meshera - Monochrome Recordings [MNCH031, 2015]
04. DaveHoax - Channel Pressure - Blueberry Musik [BBMCD002CD, 2012]
05. LM1 - Sigma 957 - Offworld Recordings [OFFWORLD018, 2012]
06. Jason oS - Station - Digibeat Music [DBM034, 2013]
07. Orange & Blue - Visitors - Cadence Recordings [CAD019, 2010]
08. Turnz - Regression - Monochrome Recordings [MNCH011, 2013]
09. Naibu - Wrong - Horizons Music [HZNCD011, 2013]
10. DJ Trax & Naibu - Logan Returns - Influenza Minus Limited [IMLTD049, 2014]
11. NCQL - Breathe of the Eve - Subtle Audio Recordings [SUBTLED015, 2013]
12. Nebula - Chords of Sorrow - Subtle Audio Recordings [SUBTLE012, 2008]
13. Asymmetric - Looking Glass - Danger Chamber Digital [DCD026, 2014]
14. Cloak & Dagger - Sabotage - Bustle Beats [BUSTLE005, 2015]
15. Jazzatron - Achab - Skutta Records [SKUTTA004, 2014]
16. ASC - The Ubiquity Incident - Nonplus [NONPLUSCD001, 2010]
17. Infest - Tauria - Next Phase Records [Forthcoming, 2015]
18. ASC - So Many Questions - Silent Season [SSCD14, 2013]
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