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Gecko, Boycot & D-Convict - promomix march 2015
published on Wed 2015/Mar/11
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91:42 minutes

(click on image for full size) is proud to present the March 2015 promomix by Gecko, Boycot and D-Convict!

This special one-off 90-minutes b2b2b promomix is brought to you by the Belgian JT veteran trio Gecko, Boycot and D-Convict.

Gecko joined more than 11 years ago in 2003, at first with co-host Nephtali, who was followed up by Boycot after his decision to pursue other musical interests.

Still going strong in 2015, Gecko and Boycot's respective collection of drum and bass vinyl is steadily growing. Every tuesday night, joined by D-Convict on a regular basis, they bring a selection from across the board, from liquid funk and rollers to stone cold techstep and neurofunk, spiced up with tearout breaks and jungle.

D-Convict is well known in the Belgian scene for his excellent taste in drum and bass, impeccable mixing style and appearance at many parties. His first live Jungletrain show was on the 14th of December 2003, also more than 11 years ago, where he played every Sunday evening for the first few years. After a hiatus D-Convict returned to the station, joining up with Gecko and Boycot during their BBQ Beatz sessions and even on occasion on Tropmanga's Unbalanced Pressure shows.

On a personal note, D-Convict adds: "I have always qualified Jungle and Drum and Bass as living things - something that you hold dear and cherish, something that evolves, reshapes, with high highs and low lows. DnB has always been there, in the most difficult of situations and the brightest peaks of existence.

"I am sincerely happy I can still play the Jungletrain with my friends Gecko and Boycot, who only live a 30 min car ride from where I live (the same goes for Tropmanga, by the way) - big up all those guys - they are of the same mind, true to the cause old skool vinyl heads... best friends, you know.

"Dnb and music in general for me has always been about friendship, digging deep for records and sharing the beats on vinyl you love."

For this promomix Gecko and Boycot have invited D-Convict to put together a mix, digged deep in their collection, resulting in an all vinyl selection. They did their utmost to select tunes that are sometimes forgotten, but still sound amazing. Enjoy!

Make sure to catch Gecko and Boycot (and D-Convict) every tuesday from 18.00 - 20.00 CET on!

Contact info:
01. Hokusai - Black Rose - Source Direct Recordings [SDR006, 1996]
02. J Majik - Needlepoint - Metalheadz [METH013, 1995]
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08. Ray Keith & Nookie meet Gurley - Express 95 (Ray Keith & Nookie Remix) - Labello Blanco Recordings [NLB20, 1995]
09. DJ Daze - Fly - Unknown
10. Sci Clone - Everywhere I Go (Remix) - Metalheadz [METH034, 1999]
11. Photek - The Third Sequence - Astralwerks [ASW 6182, 1996]
12. Phaze 1 - Natural - Timeless Recordings [DJ011, 1995]
13. Capone - Friday - Hardleaders [HL028, 1998]
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15. DJ Sappo - It's Not The Art - The Turmoil Label [TURM 04, 1998]
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23. A-Sides - Calibre (Ed Rush Remix) - Eastside Records [EAST 27, 1999]
24. Capone - Fusion - Hardleaders [HL64, 2003]
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