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Greenleaf - promomix december 2014
published on Wed 2014/Dec/31
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61:18 minutes

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What's up junglists! On the brink of the new year, is proud to present the December 2014 promomix by none other than New Orleans badman Greenleaf!

Focusing on various styles of Drum & Bass and Jungle, Greenleaf has over 20 years in the DJ game. Based out of New Orleans, Greenleaf has supported some of the biggest DJs and producers in the scene. Alongside his crew BelowCLevel, he has also helped to produce some of the most memorable Jungle parties in New Orleans over the years.

In more recent years, Greenleaf has turned his attention to production with releases on such labels as Pinecone Moonshine, Scientific Wax, Omni Music, Lightless, Jungletrain Recordings and numerous others. With a varied selection of brand new dubs and classic vinyl, Greenleaf never disappoints.

Enjoy this all-vinyl mix and be sure to check out Greenleaf on the BelowCLevel radio show every even wednesday from 21.00 - 00.00 EST (20.00 CST) on!

1. Breakage - Stoneheart - Bassbin [BB1211, 2004]
2. Chris Inperspective - Wednesday Evening - Inperspective [INP007, 2004]
3. Psycho Mantis - Sing to Me - Subtle Audio [SUBTLE006EP, 2014]
4. Nucleus & Paradox - The Retun Of... - Metalheadz Platinum [METHPLA015, 2014]
5. Digital - Robber - Rupture LDN [RUPLDN004, 2014]
6. Gremlinz & Rumbleton - Jaro 88 - Outsider [OUTSIDER022, 2009]
7. Equinox - What We Have Forgotten - Scientific Wax [SW020, 2014]
8. Macc - If... - Outsider [OUTSIDER008, 2005]
9. Greenleaf - Forward Motion - Pinecone Moonshine [PCMSV012-B, 2014]
10. Gremlinz & Ahmad - The Orchid - Paradox Music [PM028, 2014]
11. Nucleus & Paradox - Tell Me the Truth - Esoteric [ESO003, 2004]
12. Infamy - Flying Swords - Inperspective [INP019, 2014]
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