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Warbreaker - promomix january 2014
published on Tue 2014/Jan/14
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61:26 minutes

(click on image for full size) is proud to present: Warbreaker - promomix january 2014

The one like the Warbreaker has been a fan of subversive, experimental music since his early days on the planet Earth. Growing up in Southern California, Warbreaker was introduced to the thriving Los Angeles Drum & Bass scene early on in his high school days. He immediately fell in love with the music and its culture. Going to numerous massive and illegal parties became a weekly routine. While at the same time going to and playing in punk rock and metal bands, he was always inspired by the diversity of the Drum & Bass scene, along with the jungle beats he heard crumbling musical boundaries.

It wasn't until age 23 when Warbreaker became serious about DJing. After a tremendous amount of inspiration and technical education from friends, he decided it was time to start playing out and contribute to the music. Over the years Warbreaker has shared the stage with Drum & Bass legends such as Remarc, Paradox, Bizzy B, Seba, Fanu, and ASC to name a few. Whenever you hear Warbreaker play, be prepared for cutting-edge, experimental beats. Whether ambient, distorted, jazzy, scientific, minimal, or heavy; you will hear experimentations in sound, intricate beats, heavy bass lines, and gripping atmospheres.

Over the last few years, Warbreaker has been experimenting with production and has since seen releases on Flatwoods Creative, Criminal Records UK, and Faction Digital, with more releases in the pipeline. He also works as a crew member for our beloved, focusing on station programming, operations, and running Jungletrain Recordings.

Make sure to tune into every other Wednesday from 6:30 - 8:00 PM (PST) [odd weeks, 03:30 - 05:30 CET] to hear Warbreaker in the mix, broadcasting live from San Francisco, California with his Active Mindz radio show.

01. ASC - Isthmus - Auxiliary [AUXTR010, 2013]
02. Reza & Gremlinz - Bloom - Samurai Horo [HORO10D, 2013]
03. Infest & Parallel - We're Almost There - Jungletrain Recordings [JTREX001, 2013]
04. Synkro - Fading Lights - Apollo [AMB1320, 2013]
05. Spectrasoul - Melodies - Exit Records [EXIT016, 2009]
06. Instra:mental - Photograph - Darkestral Recordings [DARKESTRAL004, 2009]
07. Sub - Skadi (Nebula Blue Notes Remix) - Subtle Audio Recordings [SUBTLE011, 2008]
08. Peshay - The Nocturnal (Back on the Firm) - Metalheadz [FFRR828783-1, 1996]
09. Double O - Blackula - Rupture London [RUPLDN003, 2013]
10. Alpha Omega - Don't Believe It - Reinforced Records [RIVET154, 2001]
11. Champa B - Torment - Scientific Wax [SW017, 2012]
12. Threshold - Fuk-ri - Foundation X Digital [, 2013]
13. ??? - ??? - Unknown [Dub]
14. X-Nation - Spread Out & Scatter - Foundation X Digital [, 2013]
15. Dillinja - You Don't Know (The Remix) - Logic Productions [D.M.03, 1994]
16. Dillinja - Promise - Metalheadz [FFRR828986-1, 1997]
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