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Indidjinous - promomix september 2013
published on Wed 2013/Sep/11
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(click on image for full size) is proud to present: Indidjinous - promomix september 2013

Years of unwanted childhood music lessons led Michael Morel to develop an aversion to common instruments like guitars and pianos. Intrigued by the unusual sounds of the didjeridu, his true musical ambitions were sparked when he began playing the ancient Australian wind instrument in 1998. Shortly afterwards, he developed a healthy obsession with Drum and Bass & Jungle.

Adopting the alias Indidjinous, he often played live didjeridu over DJ sets using electric guitar pedals to distort the sound. In 2002 he began experimenting with production, incorporating his didjeridu recordings into many tracks. Citing major influences from Technical Itch, Dom & Roland, Konflict, Paradox, Teebee, Hive and Amit, Indidjinous tunes are cinematic, tribal and dark with an emphasis on variety in drum patterns. His sound spans several styles of DnB including techstep, drumfunk, half-time, experimental and atmospheric. Overtly melodic sounds are almost wholly absent in his productions. Instead he tends toward abstract sci-fi atmospherics, industrial sound effects and dis-harmonic bass lines. In 2005 he finally took up DJing and was thereafter an active part of the local jungle scenes in Santa Cruz, CA, Washington, DC, New York City and now San Francisco.

In the summer of 2012 he designed and taught a class introducing electronic music production and didjeridu/aboriginal culture to middle school students, a program he repeated this year. 2012 also saw the emergence of his bi-weekly radio show “The Other Side” on where you can hear his unique brand of didjeridu-infused post-apocalyptic swamp funk (all shows are archived on his website With over 50 tunes released from 10 labels spanning 8 countries, Indidjinous is beginning production of a full length collaborative LP with his production partner Centaspike from Australia, due out in 2014.

This promo mix showcases the comprehensive Indidjinous sound. Prepare for a wide variety of genre-blurring halftime breakbeats blended with more traditionally structured Drum and Bass. The inclusion of many original productions as well as spatterings of live didjeridu layered over several tunes make this mix truly unique. What you will NOT hear is a repetitive set of cookie-cutter “dancefloor” rollers.

Make sure to check out Indidjinous every odd wednesday from 05.00 - 05.30 CET (04.00 GMT, 22.00 EST)

1. Indidjinous – Proceed with Caution – Omni Music [OHMNI007, 2013]
2. Enei – Trainchaser – Critical Recordings [CRITLP05, 2012]
>> Indidjinous – live didjeridu
3. Sam KDC & Nayf – Bete Noire – CX Digital [CXD003, 2011]
4. Indidjinous – Into the Primitive – DubKraft Records [DKR049, 2013]
5. Maldini – Amazon – Cause 4 Concern [C4CDIGUK020, 2013]
6. Indidjinous & Centaspike – Spliced – Subtle Audio [forthcoming 2013]
7. M-Zine & Scepticz – Alone – Demand Records {DKR049, 2013]
>> Indidjinous – live didjeridu
8. SPKTRM – Waters Unknown [dubplate]
9. Centaspike – Prey on the Weak (Indidjinous Remix) – Dsyfunk Music [DYSFM005, 2012]
10. Rollz – Greyskull [dubplate]
>> Indidjinous – live didjeridu
11. Acid Lab – Dissonance – Breakfast Audio [BFAD015, 2009]
12. Indidjinous – Timshel – DubKraft Records [DKR049, 2013]
13. Amoss – Footloose – Horizons Music [HZN044, 2011]
14. Centaspike – Black Magic – Tech Cycle Recordings [TCYCLE014, 2013]
>> Indidjinous – live didjeridu
15. SPKTRM – Relevance – Project 51 [P51LP-03, 2012]
16. Centaspike – Mutant Bear [dubplate]
17. Indidjinous – Swellz – Jungletrain Recordings [JTREX004, 2013]
18. Anodyne Industries – It Rained Fire – Hopskotch Records [HOPSK005, 2012]
19. Cause 4 Concern – Scatterbrain (Hybris Remix) – Cause 4 Concern [C4CDIGUK013]
20. Heavy1 – Specium – Nocturnal Records [VAMPDIGILP001, 2012]
>> Indidjinous – live didjeridu
21. Indidjinous – Downshift – Omni Music [OHMNI007, 2013]
22. Greenleaf – Never Let Go – Pinecone Moonshine [PCMS014, 2011]
23. Indidjinous – Simmer – Omni Music [OHMNI007, 2013]
24. Fade & Mono – Obelisk – IM:Ltd [IMLTDDIGILP01, 2011]
25. Escher & Blocks – Embers – Narratives Music [NARRATIVES004, 2013]
>> Indidjinous – live didjeridu
26. Damon Yates – Red [dubplate]
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