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Xol - promomix february 2013
published on Wed 2013/Feb/13
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74:48 minutes

(click on image for full size) is proud to present: Xol - promomix february 2013

Xol is a French expat DJ based in Madrid (Spain) for the past decade. He's 36 years old and has been DJing for half his life now! Xol's musical influences include a wide array of genres, from jazz and classical music to hip hop and reggae, which clearly transpire on the brand of drum & bass he plays. Even though 'mainstream dnb' and his musical tastes are heading increasingly into separate directions, the sheer diversity of drum & bass as a music form is the reason why he's still not getting bored of it after all those years! Thanks to technology (which allows us to cram gigabytes of music into a small laptop) Xol virtually plays all styles of drum & bass and he even started getting involved in other electronic genres such as breaks and bass music in general. He always use Serato, a Macbook and either SLs or CDJ's (whatever's available), plus a controller to create loops and throw in some discrete effects.

Xol's had a show on for the past 4 years, and this is the second promomix he has the honor to record for the station: as with the first one, he decided to offer his take on the Jungletrain sound: raw, bass-heavy and dub-infused, only this time he wanted to go back the roots of jungle dnb with clear references to dub and reggae. It is thus a dubwize mixtape you're about to listen to, building up from a stoned, head-nodding vibe to an avalanche of intense, amen-break-driven tunes towards the end. As always Xol focused on the homogeneity and the logical progression of the set, therefore picking up timeless tracks that blend in nicely together instead of cramming only new and unreleased tunes with less coherence. He hopes you will enjoy listening this mixtape as much as he did putting it together for you!

Listen to Xol on every Monday from 18:00 - 19:00 (CET)

01. Mask & Gang Related - Dictation - Dope Dragon [DDRAG13, 1996]
02. W.A.R. - Reggae Killaz - Histeria Records [HRD002, 2010]
03. Greg Packer - Sugar Dub - Interphase Digital [IPHD018, 2012]
>> Visionary ft Peter Ranking - Around the World (T Power rmx) - Rock And Groove [RAG001, 2007]
04. Xsessiv & Mesh - Watch Out - Interphase Digital [IPHD018, 2012]
05. Atlantic Connection - Dubstar [unreleased]
06. Ritual - Conscious Dub - Conscious Rebel Music [CRM002, 2009]
>> Potential Bad Boy ft Junior Dangerous - Sound A Sound VIP - Playaz Recordings [PLAYAZ031D, 2012]
07. Erbman Hustlin - Jahova - JungleXpeditions Canada [JXDEHCHAP100, 2011]
08. Bassface Sasha & Franksen ft Paul St Hilaire - Dubplate City - Santorin [SAN-2012, 2011]
>> Dub Phizix & Skeptical ft Strategy - Marka - Exit Records [EXIT037, 2011]
09. Mooncat - War Ina Babylon - Step Express [SED007, 2009]
10. Baga Sound - 2012 (Babylon Shall Fall) - Unjustified [??, 2012]
11. Utah Jazz - Riddim Track - Liquid V Recordings [LV004, 2008]
12. Mooncat - Golden Claws - [unreleased]
>> The Drum + Bass Dream Team ft Skibadee - Deal With the Matter - Joker Records [JKSUBLP6, 1997]
13. Soulculture - Some a Dem - Soul Deep Recordings [SDRRLS39, 2012]
>> Krome & Time - The Licence (Serial Killaz Remix) - StreetLife [STREETLIFE07, 2011]
14. Rebel MC ft Top Cat - Original Ses (Serial Killaz VIP) - Congo Natty [CONGONATTY20, 2011]
15. Calibre & High Contrast - Mr Majestic - Signature Records [SIG 007, 2004]
>> DJ Red - Enta Da Dragon - Trouble on Vinyl [TOV12027, 1997]
16. Soulculture - Run Away Soundboy - Soul Deep Recordings [SDRRLS39, 2012]
>> Potential Bad Boy ft Yush - You're Mine - Ganja Recordings [RPG019, 2006]
17. SKS - Wise Man - Vandal Records [VDL005, 2009]
18. Er.iC & Hiten - Contrast - Beatalistics [BEATDIG002, 2006]
>> Isaac Maya - Ring Di Alarm - Low Frequency Mexico [LOFREQ12D, 2011]
19. Alix Perez & Youthman - Promise Land - Step Express [SED003, 2008]
20. M.I.S.T. & DRS - Clockwork - Soul:R [SOUL043, 2010]
21. Random Movement - Bag o' Wire [unreleased]
22. Mist:i:Cal ft Ras T Weed - Just A Little Herb - Soul:R [SOUL020, 2007]
>> Benny Page - Turn Down The Lights - Digital Soundboy [SBOY003, 2006]
23. DJ Oder - Rastafari Anthem [unreleased]
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