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DJ G-Force - promomix november 2012
published on Mon 2012/Nov/12
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77:11 minutes

(click on image for full size) is proud to present: DJ G-Force - promomix november 2012

For his third promomix since being a regular DJ on jungletrain, DJ G-Force
(previously known as DJ A-T-9) now presents you with an oldskool jungle mix. Having a regular show on since 2005, DJ G-Force has also played on many other radio stations and parties since 2001.
He has warmed up many a party along side top names in the industry and whatever the set time he knows how to hold it down or keep the party rocking!
DJ G-Force always starts his sets with an attention grabbing intro and from there, takes you on a musical journey that you wont want to end.

DJ G-Force has been part of the music industry/culture since the legendary M-25 Acid House parties from the summer of 1989 where he had life changing experiences that altered the course of his life. He comes from St.Albans in Hertfordshire which is right on the junction of the M-25. With London's illegal parties and pirate radio stations on his door step blasting out all the freshest beats he sure was spoilt.
He followed the rave scene through the acid house/hardcore/breakbeat/jungle and drum & bass year's and at that time, he was more interested in partying and having fun rather than being a DJ!
DJ G-Force moved to Bristol in 1996 after needing a new direction and bought a pair of decks and taught himself to DJ! He only mixes the oldskool way, two Technics 1210 turn tabels and strictly vinyl.
DJ G-Force's weekly jungletrain show often features guest DJ's that are a good way to keep his shows fresh.

This latest promomix contains a very personal selection of tunes from an era that helped shaped G-Forces musical journey and today's drum & bass scene. Once again a BIG Shout goes out to all the people who tune in and make jungletrain a true pleasure to be a part of, and an even BIGGeR shout out to all the backroom staff that give up their time and dedication to keep jungletrain on the tracks and running profesionaly.
Enjoy da ride!

Listen to DJ G-Force LIVE on weekly, saturdays, 18:00- 20:00 (CET)

01. P.F.M - Love & Hapiness - Good Looking Records [GLR10, 1995]
>>DRS feat Kenny Ken - Everyman - Rugged Vinyl Records [RUGGEDCL001, 2002]
02. Omni Trio - Renegade Snares (Foul Play VIP Mix) - Moving Shadow Records [UK A SHADOW 1 LP, 1995]
03. Doc Scott - It's Yours - Metalheadz Records [MET004, 1994]
04. Deep Blue - The Helicopter Tune - Moving Shadow Records [SHADOW1004, 2000]
05. International Rude Boyz - Paragone (Remix) - Formation Records [FORM12032, 1993]
06. F.X. - The Sound Of F.X. (A Nookie Remix) - Tone Def Records [TONEDEF021, 1995]
07. D.M.S & The Boneman X - Sweet Vibrations - FX Records [FX001, 1994]
08. A-Zone - Calling The People (Original Lick) - White House Records [WYHS028R, 1994]
09. Andy C - Cool Down - RAM Records [RAMM 12C, 2007]
10. Hyper On Experience - Lords Of The Null Lines (Foul Play Remix) - Moving Shadow Records [SHADOW 30 R, 1993]
11. 88.3 - Wishing On A Star (Urban Shakedown Full Vocal Mix - Labello Blanco Records [ LAB 002, 2003]
12. DJ Nut Nut & Pure Science - The Rumble (Boom Shaka Mix) - Production House Records [PNT058, 1994]
13. Conquering Lion - Inah Sound - X Project Records [DUB PLATE 3, 1993]
14. Omni Trio - Soul Of Darkness (Promenade 96 Rollout) - Moving Shadow Records [SHADOW 80, 1996]
15. Da Intalex - I Like It (Remix) - Intalex Records [INTA.003, 1995]
16. Lewi Cifer - Heat (Lewcified Remix) - Miami Records [LEWI003, 1993]
17. Brain Killers - Screwface - Kemet Records [KM3RD#1, 1994]
18. Family Of Intelligence - Agony - Kemet Records [KM 10, 1994]
19. DJ Crystal - Let It Roll - Deejay Records [DJX020, 1994]
20. Randall & Andy C - Sound Control - RAM Records [RAMM 11, 1994]
21. DRS feat Kenny Ken - Everyman - Rugged Vinyl Records [RUGGEDCL001, 2002]
22. Shimon - The Predator - RAM Records [RAMM 10, 1994]
>> Boogie Times Tribe - The Dark Stranger - Origin Unknown Remix - Suburban Base Records [SUBBASE 27R, 1993]
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