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What the Bleep - promomix April 2012
published on Wed 2012/Apr/11
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73:30 minutes

(click on image for full size) is proud to present: What the Bleep - promomix April 2012

What the Bleep is a ragga jungle selector hailing from Bowling Green, Ohio, USA. He first discovered raves, jungle music, and the science of mixing in 2004, making this his 8th year as a participant and contributor to the culture. In those 8 years he has excelled beyond some DJs that have been around for over a decade – he has travelled to nearly every corner of his country to perform, released professional studio mix CDs, and facilitated some of the country's most culturally-mindful large-scale bass culture events. His most recent accomplishment includes founding an immensely popular local event series, the Bowling Green chapter of the famous Konkrete Jungle. Though he now is just as much a promoter as he is a DJ, his roots are in Internet radio broadcasting. He has called his home for over 5 years, now broadcasting on the popular Sunday lineup with "Selection of a Soldier", a specialized program of ragga jungle and all-vinyl selection. Similarly, his live performances involve a fury of vinyl and have recently featured 3-turntable sets of quick mixing and scratching.

This mix, the promomix of April 2012, is a snapshot of What the Bleep's full-range of influence and taste. If you're looking for heavy dancefloor jungle tunes, you first will have to ride the wave of roots and old skool to get there. With dub reggae and jungle tekno at the foundation, it progresses steadily through more atmospheric late-90s / early 2000s selection until it launches into a vocal-heavy collection of more modern ragga jungle. It omits the more cutting edge, forward-thinking jungle of today – this mix is meant to be a reflection rather than a projection of the future or a showcase of dubplates. You'll find that What the Bleep is taking you on a journey through the soundscape and timeline of jungle, illustrating natural progression and accenting the uniqiue dub and ragga influences of his selection – the selection of a soldier.

Konkrete Jungle Bowling Green:
01. Rebel MC ft Spikey T - Creation Rebel - Congo Natty [CNDG001, 2007]
02. Potential Bad Boy - Jungle Fever - Ibiza [9095CJ3, 2001]
03. LTJ Bukem - A Couple Of Beats - Good Looking [GLR001, 1992]
04. Smart E's - Sesame’s Treet (Beltram Mix) - Pyrotech [DMD1902, 1992]
05. X Project - Ghetto Geddon - Congo Natty [CONGONATTY2, 2004]
>> The Upsetters - Blackboard Jungle Dub (Ver. 2) - Clock Tower [LPCT0115, 1981]
06. Dynamite Man & The Detonator - Just Get A Rep - IZM [IZM004, 1997]
07. Flynn & Flora - Love - Angel’s Egg [AE0117, 2000]
08. DJ Zinc - Reach Out (Remix) - True Playaz [TRP12007, 1997]
09. DJ Red - The Visit - Trouble On Vinyl [TOV12023, 1996]
10. Deep Blue - The Helicopter Tune (Fantasy #1) - F.F.R.R. [828952-1, 1997]
11. Helen T & Addiction - Jazz Addiction - Mutant Sound System [MSS0018-1, 1997]
12. Sixty Six % - Realism - Frontline [FRONT031, 1998]
13. M.T.S. - Revolution - Juice [ECIUJ007, 1996]
14. Dylan - Break-Out - Raid [RAID001, 2000]
15. Dylan & B-Key - Terrordome - Biotic Limited [BIOLTD002, 2001]
16. Digital - Trauma - Timeless [TYME009, 2000]
17. Marcus Visionary - Blackboard - Liondub International [LNDB010, 2010]
18. Andrey - Policeman & Soldiers (Hot Mix) - JungleXpeditions [JXR010, 2009]
19. Cutty Ranks ft Sister Nancy - Bam Bam (Krinjah Remix) - Hand Grenade [HGR01, 2001]
>>. Johnny Osbourne - Budy Bye (Original Dancehall Mix) - Priority [PVL53177, 1995]
20. Johnny Osbourne - Budy Bye (Dancehall Instrumental Mix) - Priority [PVL53177, 1995]
21. Jackie Murda & RCola ft General Pecos - Pecos Teng - Chopstick Dubplate [CHOP03, 2004]
22. Unknown - Ordinary Man - Shout [SHOUT007, 2005]
23. Benny Page ft Mr. Williamz - Pass The Kouchie - Necessary Mayhem [NBD04, 2011]
24. The Archangel & Dub V Dainjah - Ganja Tune - Celestial Conspiracy [CC006, 2009]
25. Snoop Dogg & Pharrell Williams - Drop It Like It's Hot (Murderbot Remix) - Dead Homies [OG001, 2005]
26. Digital - Sound Killa - Timeless [TYME030, 2005]
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