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Arnicvs & Ashback - promomix December 2011 (7 year anniversary)
published on Wed 2011/Dec/07
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(click on image for full size) is proud to present: Arnicvs & Ashback - promomix December 2011 (7 year Anniversary)

Another year has passed and we are proud to announce the 7th anniversary of the promomix series. More importantly, this month also marks another important moment in the history of the station, since the stream was established exactly 10 years ago, in december 2001. We would like to extend our deepest respect to Josh-Hill, without whom this would have never happened.

Arnie aka Arnicvs, DJ and current headmaster of, would like to add the following to this notable event:

"I would like to take this opportunity to stop for a moment and pay some respect to everyone who played a role in making JT into what it is today. Crewmembers came and went, came back, and some of us have been here from the very beginning. Much respect also goes out to all the DJs who featured on the station and are responsible for establishing our very identity.

After 10 years, we are getting ready to take the station to the next level. 2012 is going to be an interesting year for us, where we will be reestablishing ourselves in the ever-expanding internet community. I am excited, I hope you are too!"

For this months promomix, Arnicvs once again teamed up with Ashback. The selection brought forward by them in this mix represents the sounds you will hear during their show The Sub-Universal Contraverse Collective as well as the well-known sounds of Arnicvs's Atmospheric Aesthetics sessions. The mix exclusively features tracks released between 2001 and 2011.

The hardest part was not selecting the tunes they wanted to play, but making a selection of tunes they had to cut out. There were simply too many tracks that should have been featured. The last few weeks were spent compiling the tracklist and both DJs hope that it won't disappoint you. Thankfully there is the live radioshow on which the tunes that didn't make the cut will be featured in the coming sessions. Hopefully it will inspire the listener to tune into more often!

Listen to Arnicvs LIVE on every other wednesday (odd weeks) from 7-9PM CET and listen to Arnicvs b2b Ashback every other wednesday (even weeks) from 9-11PM CET!

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