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Tallboy - engineers vol. 2
published on Sat 2010/Oct/16
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64:27 minutes

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Welcome aboard the " engineers series." This mix is the second of many mixes that will showcase dubplates and unsigned tracks produced by the station's DJs or distributed through affiliated labels. The engineer mixes are compiled and created by our dedicated and talented staff, starting out with the one and only Tallboy. Be prepared for an amazing trip through the rough and rugged world of Drum & Bass / Jungle, produced by some of the finest artists around!

Tallboy started mixing in 1997, first showcasing his skill and gaining reputation at various house parties and local dives. From the very beginning, he avidly avoided mainstream Drum & Bass / Jungle, instead focusing on the minimal and offbeat side of the sound. Tallboy then took a 7 year hiatus from mixing and the "party" scene, but has gradually returned to the culture over the last several years. In 2004 he started tuning into and was invited to join the crew three years later. At this point he released his well-received mix "7 Year Itch", heralding his comeback. He then became the Programming & Applications Director and is now responsible for managing the DJ application process, communicating with all applicants / current DJs in regards to their shows, and in general he oversees the quality of the programming. Tallboy is now proud to continue his resurgence with the newest engineers mix! Engineers Volume 2!
01. Dephanx & Sicward - Our Culture [dubplate]
02. Temper D - Break It Down - Temper D Productions [forthcoming]
03. Dephanx - Bubbles [dubplate]
04. Data - The Visitor - ??? [DSM014]
05. Alcrani - Inline [dubplate]
06. Fre4knc & Mindmapper - Heliocentric [dubplate]
07. Darkstar - The Meditation Song [dubplate]
08. Fade - New Order [dubplate]
09. Sobersoul - Turbulance - Soulred [forthcoming]
10. Double O - White Lotus Remix [dubplate]
11. Alcrani - Phantoms [dubplate]
12. Chris Inperspective - Aftercare - ??? [AMENDIG006]
13. Flame ft AnnGree - Sorry [dubplate]
14. Fre4knc & Mindmapper - Fangtooth [dubplate]
15. Antidote - Red Alert []
16. Paludal - Troglodyte [dubplate]
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