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SuBSynK - promomix september 2010
published on Wed 2010/Sep/15
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79:50 minutes

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SuBSynK was first inspired to DJ after attending the DIY night in Hull back in the mid 90s and has been mixing ever since. Over the last 15 years he has experimented with all kinds of beats from hip-hop to old school and techno, and has played in several different clubs all over the UK. Always on the look out for more vinyl to create the perfect mixture of frequencies, SuBSynK is driven to find modern music that inspires while pushing the boundaries of music production. Closest to his heart, breaks have steered him into jungle and drum & bass; the recent diversification of the genre and his distinctive style of mixing have culminated in SuBSynK's unique abilty to take the listener on a sonic jouney. Playing on huge free party rigs is SuBSynK's favourite choice of venue due to the free and frenzied atmosphere. He also thrives on playing to an audience that sees beyond the DJ and appreciates the deeper sides of drum & bass, just as provides a faceless stage to mix his magik. Catch the Neurosynergy show every week for your slice of SuB.

SuBSynK's words on this promomix:
'In keeping with my show "Neurosynergy" on I decided to feature several different styles of drum & bass. Starting with the deeper side of Cylon recordings the mix travels through an eclectic mix of Abstract Elements and Data, then progresses towards the bright and melodic Sunchase and dBridge before heading into space with Phace and Misanthrop. A Noisia mash-up followed by the chilled tones of Raiden, Stray and Digital brings the mix to an end. I try to keep the mixing clean and fast, with occasional switches, cuts and the odd spinback to keep things interesting. Enjoy!'

Listen to SuBSynK LIVE on weekly, Thursdays, 21:30 - 22:30 (CET)

01. Dan Habarnam - One - Cylon [CYLONUK005, 2009]
02. Spectrasoul - Captive - Deep Soul Music [DSM010, 2008]
03. Data - Abstractions - Horizons Music [HZN039, 2009]
04. Blu Mar Ten - If I Could Tell You (Stray Remix) - Blu Mar Ten [BMT004, 2010]
05. Data & Kingsin - Baggage - Deep Soul Music [DSM014, 2010]
06. Abstract Elements - Erpeh - Respect [RESPECT001, 2009]
07. dBridge, Instra:mental & Skream - Acacia Avenue - Autonomic [NOMIC001, 2009]
08. Sunchase - Violet - Drone Audio Records [DRONE001, 2007]
09. Noisia - Last Look - Metalheadz [METH079, 2008]
10. Naibu - Fireflies (Seba Rmx) - Horizons Music [HZNLP004, 2009]
11. Zero T & Mosus - Shallow Grave - Footprints Music [PRINT002, 2010]
12. Bop - Tears Of A Lonely Metaphysician (Lynx & Hellrazor Remix) - Med School [MEDIC019, 2010]
13. Phace & Misanthrop - From Deep Space - Neosignal [NSGNLLP001, 2009]
14. Katharsys - Jupiter - Contaminated Records [CONTAM005, 2008]
15. Electrosoul System & Cutworks - Milkway Odyssey - KOS.MOS Music [KOSMOS009, 2010]
16. Rregula & The Panacea - Where Am I? - .shadybrain [SHB008, 2008]
17. Moby - Alice (Noisia remix) - Vision Recordings [VSN006, 2007]
18. Noisia - Shellshock ft Foreign Beggars - Vision Recordings [VSN008, 2009]
19. Noisia & Mayhem - Exodux (Instrumental) - Vision Recordings [VSN004, 2006]
20. Breakage - Foundation - Digital Soundboy Recordings [SBOYLP002, 2009]
21. B Cloud - Resurrection - KOS.MOS Music [KOSMOS010, 2010]
22. Sabre - Quarters (ft Noisia & Icicle) (Club Mix) - Critical Music [CRITLP004, 2009]
23. Noisia - Thursday - Vision Recordings [VSN008, 2009]
24. Raiden - Baptism Of Fire - Voodoo Music [VOOMUSIC001, 2009]
25. Stray - Erase - Critical Music [CRIT046, 2010]
26. Digital & Morphy - Shanty - Exit Records [EXIT023, 2010]
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