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16 hrs agoGreeets !!!
posted by Stan Phase
5 day agoDissymmetrical Music [DSSM 20]
replied by darkstar
8 day agoDConvict / Gecko / Boycot - It's like a Jungletrain quarantine party - live from Baasrode 12112020
posted by dconvict
8 day agoMC Amon Bay & DJ Nitro :: Mocean View :: Odd Saturdays @ 15:30 CET / 14:30 GMT
replied by AmonBay
8 day agoLiquidator Series #115 Soulful Session November 2020
posted by djpsyco
9 day ago[ARCHIVES] R-Hawk Xpresha
replied by rhawk

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Representing all angles of the sound, coming from all corners of the globe, our current programming boasts more than 80 different live shows and events, presented by over 100 DJs. Both oldschool and new, from the more forward, up-front beats to the subversive, experimental styles, we strive to provide 100% quality Drum & Bass and Jungle programming for our listeners. Whatever styles you prefer, you are sure to find them all right here on! Take the ticket, enjoy the ride...
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MC Amon Bay & DJ Nitro :: Mocean View :: Odd Saturdays @ 15:30 CET / 14:30 GMT
posted by darkstar

Bringing a combined performance experience exceeding 50 years, MC Amon Bay and DJ Nitro bring a literal lifetime to the musical table.

Initiating his residency with the legendary Conne Island’s dnb nights in ‘96, MC Amon Bay has appeared alongside iconoclasts of the industry; Kemistry & Storm, Doc Scott and Shy FX, DJ Storm, Marcus Intalex (R.I.P.), and dBridge. To further his craft, he began incorporating the vocal influences of Cleveland Watkiss, Rage, Conrad, and Stamina. Flowing with the unique frameworks of rhythm and syncopation within the breakbeat genre proved a natural fit for Amon Bay, moving him to internalize the music and improvise during his sets.

With roots in ‘80’s Acid House... more
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Darkspin - promomix october 2020
posted by arnie is proud to present: Darkspin - promomix october 2020

It was only February last year when we welcomed Darkspin to the roster to present the Jungle Carousel Show. This month, he steps into the promomix limelight for the first time to bring you a very special edition, which he would like to emphasize with the following message:

"Racism has always been an issue in society; most recently this was highlighted within the Drum & Bass industry with the whitewashing that is going on and the disregard of people of colour that helped sculpt the scene in the early days to present.

"This music has always been associated with bringing people together no matter your race, creed or colour and from my... more
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2020 welcomes Tempo to the family!
posted by darkstar
Tempo :: Ruination Radio :: Even Wednesdays @ 17:00 - 19:00 MT / 23:00 - 01:00 GMT

Following a childhood filled with music (band leaders and music instructors for grandparents, guitar lessons, and deep infatuations with hip-hop, grunge, metal and punk, respectively), Erik Runion aka Tempo discovered the electronic music world as the Y2K fervor steadily peaked and abruptly fizzled at the turn of the millennium. Although house and trance served as the initial introduction to the rave/club scene, jungle and drum’n’bass quickly took over and bridged the gap from rock and rap to electronic dance music and DJ culture.

Active involvement in the New Mexico rave scene led Tempo to share stages with numerous... more
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LA Johnson - promomix september 2020
posted by arnie is proud to present: LA Johnson - promomix september 2020

LA Johnson and Baddesley are at it again, this time with a back to back edition for the August and September promomix! Hailing from Birmingham, UK, Skutta Records have been going strong for 10 years, gracing the airwaves with their instantly recognizable selection for the past 6.

Following up on last month's promo mix by Baddesley, Skutta partner in crime, LA Johnson, steps up and brings forward a monstrous mix filled to the brim with jungle bangers and amen destroyers! Spanning all the eras, no prisoners are taken as LA Johnson drops timeless classics seamlessly with the more modern day future classics.

Enjoy this second Skutta... more
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Baddesley - promomix august 2020
posted by arnie is proud to present: Baddesley - promomix august 2020

LA Johnson and Baddesley are at it again, this time with a back to back edition for the August and September promomix! Hailing from Birmingham, UK, Skutta Records have been going strong for 10 years, gracing the airwaves with their instantly recognizable selection for the past 6.

For this diptych, Baddesley takes the lead with a freestyle mix, a selection spanning the last decade in the Skutta corner of drum and bass. The mix takes off with some lighter, longing, mellow beats, gliding off that slippery slope towards darker realms, stopping short of that moment where the amens would begin, were it not for time running out!

Baddesley... more
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2020 welcomes Scooter to the family!
posted by Psygn
Scooter :: "The Way Back" :: Even:Sundays @ 19:00 - 20:30 EDT / 01:00 - 02:30 CEST

Image by Chris Blackman Photography, modified from original.

Native to Columbus, OH, Scooter has been DJing since the age of 14. Beginning with the sounds of Jungle in his early years, he grew to appreciate the depth of EDM and eventually incorporate a variety of Breakbeat styles into his sets. His passion for exploring and featuring different sounds didn't stop there, as he also owns and operates an expressly jungle vinyl label, Labelless Records.

For Scooter, his goal has been to support the Jungle community whenever feasible, and with his Label in their 14th release since 2015, the focus is simple; work with the best... more
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Darkstar - promomix july 2020
posted by arnie is proud to present: Darkstar - promomix july 2020

Jungletrain stalwart Darkstar returns 12 months after his previous promomix for 2020's July installment of the monthly series.

A love letter to the versatility of the amen break and modern takes on classic methods, this month's promomix takes a circuitous route in telling an unorthodox story with many curious twists and turns. In listening to this mix Darkstar hopes you will enjoy the detours and find hidden gems in layers you may not have thought would work together. After all, the little detours in life are where we find the things more important than what we're looking for.

Darkstar and jungletrain-partner-in-crime Goreteks play weekly on Rinse and... more
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Selector X - promomix june 2020
posted by arnie is proud to present: Selector X - promomix june 2020

Nothing beats ushering in summer with a mix that is 100% FIRE. We searched, and found Selector X prepared to curate a selection and blend it together with impeccable mixing.

Selector X joined in may 2018, but has been on hiatus while he's getting his studio back in order. To this end, he would like to share the following:

"Special greets to all Jungletrain headz and jungle music lovers. After 6 of the longest months ever, RedRockers Studio v2.0 is finally being reassembled. It's all been in storage; haven't even had my decks set up... so this mix is the product of the FIRST creative sesh I've had since December 2019. Feels good man.

"Happy... more
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2020 welcomes SubSynk to the family!
posted by Psygn
SubSynk :: "Synergy" :: Odd Saturdays @ 18:30 - 20:00 CEST / 17:30 - 19:00 BST

SubSynk was first inspired to DJ after attending the DIY night in Hull back in the mid 90s and has been mixing ever since. Over the last 20 years he has experimented with all kinds of beats and has played in several different clubs all over the UK.

Always on the look out for more vinyl to create the perfect mixture of frequencies, SubSynk is driven to find modern music that inspires while pushing the boundaries of music production. Closest to his heart, breaks have steered him into jungle and drum & bass; the recent diversification of the genre and his distinctive style of mixing have culminated in SubSynk's unique ability... more
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Goodbye SoulJunglist
posted by arnie
With great sadness we learned that on May 21st 2020, Mark SoulJunglist Ingersoll passed away. Mark was a familiar face in the dnb community, a longtime JT listener and member of the crew.

Mark traveled around the world to visit parties and friends, frequently at the same time, and wherever SoulJunglist went, his positive aura would light up the room. He loved life, family and his friends.

Rest in peace SoulJunglist, and we wish strength to your family and friends.
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