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replied by Djinn
281:34 welcomes Djinn to the family!
replied by Djinn
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LQ - promomix may 2017
posted by arnie is proud to present:

LQ - promomix may 2017

With Jungle on its third or fourth rotation of being trendy, LQ attempts with this mix to demonstrate the links from the previous century's golden age of Jungle to the current sound. He would like to show that Jungle is in one of its most creative periods, blending the mid-90s tunes with some of the latest releases which he believes are paving the way for another Golden Era of Jungle music.

LQ owns and operates the Echo Chamber Sound record label and sound system based in Melbourne, Australia. He has been hosting the Run It Red show on for the past couple of years and organizes the Run It Red club night.

Enjoy this mix and be sure to catch... more
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2017 welcomes DJ Problem Child to the family!
posted by Psygn
DJ Problem Child:: "Coventry Connection" :: Even Wednesdays @ 23:00 - 01:00 CEST

Over the years Problem Child has had bookings up & down the UK and Ireland playing Old Skool and Drum & Bass at parties such as Rupture, Rebirth, Ruff Cutz, Gamma Funkula and has also promoted his own night Dubplate Wars in Coventry.

He is especially known for selecting deeper than most where he plays rather obscure but forward thinking tunes. Old Skool producers Problem Child likes are FBD Project, Nasty Habits, Tango, Rufige Cru, Photek and so on. While for new Jungle and DNB he likes producers such as Dbridge, Digital, ASC, Equinox, Double O & Mantra, Loxy, Tim Reaper and Threshold to name a few.

Check out his first... more
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2017 welcomes Djinn to the family!
posted by Psygn
Djinn :: "Formless" :: Even Thursdays @ 22:30 - 00:00 CEST

Manchester DJ & producer Djinn (pronounced ' jinn ') has been a regular on the UK & North West underground scene since 2004.

Dropping sets at illegal raves and club nights since the early age of 17, Djinn’s evolving style spans a 13 year journey starting in breakbeats; first crossing to 2000 dnb before reverting to 90’s jungle & oldskool hardcore, later transitioning early dubstep years through to a mixture aggressive & sparse 140 before reaching a current-day heavyweight precision of brooding minimal drum & bass, deep rolling beats & dark menacing amenism.

Over the years Djinn has dropped her distinctive selection at countless events across... more
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2017 welcomes Law to the family!
posted by Psygn
Law :: "Repertoire Excursions" :: Odd Wednesdays @ 23:00 - 01:00 CEST

Rick 'Drumtrip' Law has blessed the jungle/drum'n'bass scene since 1998, contributing and performing to a number of shows including Essence of Chi, Drum and Bass Arena and Rupture.

After launching Repertoire Records in 2009 featuring his own production "Sophine", the sounds of the oldschool were inescapable to him, resulting in the launch of the Drumptrip blog which rapidly became a tome of knowledge for those breaks lovers who sought it. With the help of Ben CT, Repertoire was relaunched around 2013. Today, Repertoire is in full effect and look forward to their 10th vinyl release in April 2017.

Forthcoming work from Law and long... more
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Condition - promomix march 2017
posted by arnie is proud to present:

Condition - promomix march 2017

A long time listener and fan of the genre across the board, Condition has been a permanent member of the DJ rotation for the past 5 years. When a new call for DJs went out to do a promomix he finally realized he should step up and curate one of the monthly JT promotional selections.

For this edition, Condition decided to go for a more current selection of tracks as opposed to his generally old school jungle Loft Grooves sessions. Expect a variety of styles including some unreleased and forthcoming stuff alongside that which you can go and buy right now!

Enjoy, and remeber to tune in to the Loft Grooves show on every other Thursday... more
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Josh-Hill - promomix february 2017
posted by arnie is proud to present:

Josh-Hill - promomix Februari 2017

As long-time member of, josh-hill has been a resident DJ of the station for about 15 years. He is a huge fan of the diversity on the station. There’s always something to like, even if you have a very peculiar taste, like himself. As bedroom DJ, he hasn’t played out at parties much, but has been pretty consistent at doing his shows for the station.

Since december 2009, josh-hill has been running the Interstellar Transmission series on The show focuses on the minimal, half-step side of drum & bass. Over the years, the show has slowly become darker and darker as the “Autonomic” and “Microfunk” sound was... more
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Warbreaker - promomix january 2017
posted by arnie is proud to present:

Warbreaker - promomix January 2017

Being a long time fan of the music, it wasn't until the early 2000s when David Siskin aka Warbreaker became interested in DJing Drum and Bass and Jungle. A few years later, he became determined to start playing out, tampering with production, and contributing to the music he loved so much. Warbreaker started the Active Mindz crew in San Francisco around 2006. He soon became a part of other San Francisco crews, co-producing numerous events for IN2IT, Shelter, and BADNB. Over those years, Warbreaker shared bookings with legends like Remarc, Bizzy B, Seba, Paradox, ASC, Fanu, and many others. He has also been a core member of the crew,... more
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Ashback - promomix december 2016
posted by arnie is proud to present: Ashback - JT promomix December 2016

DJ, producer and JT artist in residence Ashback has been part of the jungletrain family for 6 years now, creating greater cover art year upon year.

Having had his own show - Negative Rhythm Space - for a while now, Ashback figured he should step up to the plate once again show us how the eclecticity, styles and moods in Drum and Bass are plenty and massive.

Also, being a DnB enthousiast (ever since since his friend and fellow DJ Arnicvs showed him these strange black discs), Ashback can't help cranking out some of his own tracks on the computer every now and then. To keep inspired, Ashback is always searching for music old and new, with classics still waiting to... more
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Undadog :: "The Positive Vibes Show" :: even Fridays @ 20:30 - 22:00 CEST
posted by Psygn is thrilled to welcome back Undadog with, the one and only, The Positive Vibes Show from Belfast, United Kingdom; relax with the smooth flows of Atmospheric/Ambient and Jazzstep Jungle from the to the mid 90's on into early 10's with deep blends of Reggae and Dub, The Positive Vibes Show will carry your mind, body, and soul into the weekend with nothing less than upbeat serenity.

Undadog has been DJ-ing for the past 15 years, clocking up a number of gigs along the way. As a dedicated turntablist, Undadog's sets feature a range of styles including classic rave, oldskool jungle, reggae, dub and hip hop, mixed and cut up with a choppy cut and paste styled approach. He's currnetly apart of the... more
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2016 welcomes back Zero Method to the family!
posted by Psygn
Zero Method :: "Deepfields" :: even Wednesdays @ 17:00 - 19:00 CEST (16:00 BST / 11:00 EDT / 08:00 PDT) is proud to welcome back Zero Method from Győr, Hungary; with an established name producing minimal neurofunk (Red Light Records, Citrus, DSCI4, ...) and spinning neuro bass heavy grooves, he'll bring rhythms to disrupt and re-sync your equilibrium

“Zero Method has turned the heads of many DJ’s looking for a less complex arrangement and pure drum and bass vibe.” … “no obvious drops or silly edits, simple, clean and effective drum and bass.” -

From his origins in the world of online radio, Zero Method has risen up and taken a firm hold on the drum & bass universe. Taking... more
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