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LA Johnson - Skutta Records - promomix september 2016
posted by arnie is proud to present: LA Johnson - Skutta Records - JT promomix September 2016

Alongside partner in crime Baddesley, LA Johnson is one of the label bosses at Skutta Records. The record label is going from strength to strength gaining major support from long standing figures in the scene as well as the new blood.

Over the past year, his hometown of Birmingham, UK saw the Skutta brand pack out Club PST time and time again, together with local underground music moguls ‘Listening Sessions’. These parties have seen the likes of Doc Scott, Loxy, Digital, Double O, Mantra and many others tear up the dancefloor in a way Birmingham has never seen before.

This mix is part one of a Skutta Records diptych, LA Johnson taking point... more
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Undadog :: "The Positive Vibes Show" :: even Fridays @ 20:30 - 22:00 CEST
posted by Psygn is thrilled to welcome back Undadog with, the one and only, The Positive Vibes Show from Belfast, United Kingdom; relax with the smooth flows of Atmospheric/Ambient and Jazzstep Jungle from the to the mid 90's on into early 10's with deep blends of Reggae and Dub, The Positive Vibes Show will carry your mind, body, and soul into the weekend with nothing less than upbeat serenity.

Undadog has been DJ-ing for the past 15 years, clocking up a number of gigs along the way. As a dedicated turntablist, Undadog's sets feature a range of styles including classic rave, oldskool jungle, reggae, dub and hip hop, mixed and cut up with a choppy cut and paste styled approach. He's currnetly apart of the... more
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Watcher - promomix august 2016
posted by arnie is proud to present the August 2016 promomix by Watcher

A "DJ's DJ" with a deep-rooted love for the genre, Watcher has been actively involved in the Dutch Drum & Bass scene for over a decade. Originally cutting his teeth as a warm-up DJ, both his club and radio sets reveal a sharp ear for all things deep, dark and moody. Drawing on influences from minimal Drum & Bass, Jungle and liquid funk, he has crafted a style that's uniquely his own: richly layered, atmospheric and continually exploring the grey area between the dance floor and the living room.

Watcher has been hosting 'Fifth Freedom' on since late 2012. This mix will give you a little taste of the music played on his show: a well-balanced selection... more
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2016 welcomes back Zero Method to the family!
posted by Psygn
Zero Method :: "Deepfields" :: even Wednesdays @ 17:00 - 19:00 CEST (16:00 BST / 11:00 EDT / 08:00 PDT) is proud to welcome back Zero Method from Győr, Hungary; with an established name producing minimal neurofunk (Red Light Records, Citrus, DSCI4, ...) and spinning neuro bass heavy grooves, he'll bring rhythms to disrupt and re-sync your equilibrium

“Zero Method has turned the heads of many DJ’s looking for a less complex arrangement and pure drum and bass vibe.” … “no obvious drops or silly edits, simple, clean and effective drum and bass.” -

From his origins in the world of online radio, Zero Method has risen up and taken a firm hold on the drum & bass universe. Taking... more
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Darkstar - promomix july 2016
posted by arnie is proud to present the July 2016 promomix by Darkstar

Darkstar started his journey in electronic music in 1996 South Lake Tahoe (CA) after discovering and subsequently borrowing from a friend DJ Dan's breaks masterpiece "Loose Caboose". He embarked on a musical odyssey, deeply exploring all electronic music he could afford, enabling him to meet and play with Gravity Crew, Living Space, the dancefloors, the mountains, the forests, the desert and eventually the internet.

While attending university in Phoenix, Arizona, Darkstar met up with Aztek in 2005 and co-hosted Rinse and Repeat Radio on for nearly three years. Darkstar moved to Colorado and continued the show with newly found jungle brothers Goreteks.... more
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Jonny 5 - promomix june 2016
posted by arnie is proud to present the June 2016 promomix by Los Angeles' very own Jonny 5!

Jonny 5 (Junglizm Crew, Dub Chamber Records, Digital 6) has been a resident DJ as well as a huge fan of for some time now, so it's only fitting that he is featured on our monthly promomix series! J5, or J-Fizzle as many of his colleagues and friends like to call him, has been a pioneer in the LA underground music scene for over two decades. He's also played witness to the birth of various Jungle movements around the United States. Although he has always maintained a strong love for Jungle, 5s love for music spans across many genres.

For this months session, Jonny is dropping an exclusive mix of various current artists, who are producing... more
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2016 welcomes aboard LSDJ to the family!
posted by Psygn
LSDJ :: "LVL3 show" :: Fridays @ 15:00 - 16:00 CEST

Jungletrain is proud to welcome back LSDJ from Newcastle, Australia; experience early 90's Jungle to the late 00's Darker Techstep, with flavors from local Producers in and around Australia, The LVL3 show will have your feet stomping and stepping in no time!

LSDJ is a DJ/Producer, originally from Birmingham, UK, who was present and accounted for during the explosion of the Jungle / Techno / Drum and Bass early rave scenes (with the guidance of a few mates' older brothers).

After moving to Newcastle Australia in the late 90's and eventually discovering Mark N and Bloody Fist, he joined the ranks of the many up and coming local dj's. Developing his sound... more
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2016 welcomes Damo to the family!
posted by Psygn
Damo :: "The North Of 7 Sessions" :: even Thursdays @ 03:30 - 05:30 CEST

Jungletrain is proud to welcome aboard Damo from Bolton, Canada; with his love of ambience and low frequencies, his show is will bring you to unexplored areas in the deepest parts of your mind.

Damo is a DJ who grew up in a town void of any Drum and Bass or Jungle scene, and instead discovered Online Communities that fostered his passion for the Music. Initially, searching for 'mood music' to explore his synaesthesia, he soon discovered the luscious soundscapes of ambient Drum and Bass on his own; but it was a friend who shared a Rinse FM recording of Kode9 that awoke his ardor. The deep rumblings of DubStep struck something deep... more
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2016 welcomes King Chuga to the family!
posted by Psygn
King Chuga :: "The Jungle / Drum & Bass Show" :: odd Saturdays @ 23:30 - 01:30 CEST

Jungletrain is proud to welcome aboard King Chuga from Sheffield, United Kingdom; with his love of old skool Jungle and step heavy Drum and Bass, his experience and appreciation for the genre runs deep.

King Chuga is a DJ and Producer who built his reputation holding down residence at the infamous Coven II night club in Oxford and touring some of the UK's top venues in Manchester and London, going on to win the Retro Trax DJ Competition of 2012. His style varies, but his feet are firmly planted in the roots of the old skool sound from the 90's.

He has been on the internet airwaves since 2012, showcasing his knowledge... more
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Sub Tactics - promomix april 2016
posted by arnie is proud to present Sub Tactics (Mutation Audio) - promomix april 2016

Although having had a show on for years, Mutation Audio's head honcho hasn't featured on our monthly promomix series yet. But not any more; we are most delighted to present you the April 2016 edition, selected and blended by Sub Tactics!

For this months session, Sub Tactics bring an exclusive Mutation Audio mix, consisting of dubs and future releases from Sub Tactics, AudioSketch, Oversight, and a few choice tracks already released on the label including material from LiquidEDGE, Berns and Baskey. Deep in soul and big on bass, Mutation Audio output a Deeptech Neurofunk flavour!

We hope you will enjoy this mix, make... more
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