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22 hrs ago[ARCHIVES] Fifth Freedom
replied by Watcher
4 day agodj9 bass movements ragga jungle mix 2019
posted by dj#9
5 day agoGenotype - Magnify EP - G Lab (Out Now)
posted by genotypejjungle
5 day agoArnicvs - promomix february 2019
posted by arnie
5 day welcomes Intersect to the family!
replied by Psygn
7 day agormx - aphrodite
replied by rmx

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Arnicvs - promomix february 2019
posted by arnie is proud to present: Arnicvs - promomix february 2019

It'd been a while, and when a gap opened up in the promomix schedule, Arnicvs decided to jump right in. Listening to past promomixes kept sparking that itch he couldn't scratch. Playing a weekly show is one thing, curating a mix something else entirely.

Arnicvs turned on his turntables and trusty - but these days slightly crackly - 17-year old Pioneer mixer and went to work. Desillusion set in pretty quickly. Only 80 minutes, and just too many great tunes to choose from. He wanted to make an effort of showcasing more recent acquisitions. It was tough.

However, hours of selecting and a couple of takes along, he is proud to present the result and hopes... more
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2019 welcomes Intersect to the family!
posted by darkstar
DJ Intersect :: "Bang the Drums" :: Odd Mondays @ 19:00 - 21:00 GMT

DJ Intersect (known offline as Anton) brings over two and a half decades of musical expression to Jungletrain's newest bi-weekly show, Bang the Drums. As a South London native, direct access to early 90's formative raves such as Innersense at Laserdrome and then on to World Dance at Lydd Airport and The Roller Express and the quintessential club experiences of The Paradise Club and Orange enabled Intersect to navigate the curious sounds of emerging breakbeat culture first-hand as it developed. Finding his musical interests aligned with the darker, no-fluff vibes of Laserdrome, Intersect along with his brother, DJ Prestige, opened the record... more
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IdealCrash - promomix january 2019
posted by arnie is proud to present: IdealCrash - promomix january 2019

A new year, a new mix! For the first installment of 2019, IdealCrash steps up to the plate for his second JT promomix, to show us what he's been up to in the past 8 years.

IdealCrash has been a DJ since 2003. Before discovering drum and bass, he was into classical music, folk and 90s radio before discovering punk rock and nu-metal. After foraging into a wide range of other genres, drum and bass and jungle caught his attention in particular, with Dieselboy's "The-6ixth-Session" mix album becoming a personal favourite. After attending his first dnb party, the jungle-virus finally got him. While his record collection grew so did his experience as a DJ... more
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Axxx - promomix november 2018
posted by arnie is proud to present: Axxx - promomix november 2018

With sounds to accompany Finland's dark and sunless winter, Axxx presents his promomix debut!

For this occasion, Axxx wears two resident crew trousers - one leg in Viidakkorumpu and the other one in Science Helsinki. With both memberships spanning over a decade, they've offered Axxx an outlet for playing sets from straight-up-no-nonsense jungle to experimentation with all the influences drum and bass offers. From the depths of submarine tragedies to frantic robot arm drumming and back to lush analogue synthwave vibes, over the years, Axxx worked hard on the craft of blending the most unexpected tunes, for his and your enjoyment.

Having... more
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LA Johnson - promomix september 2018
posted by arnie is proud to present: LA Johnson - promomix september 2018

LA Johnson returns to the Jungletrain promomix series off the back of his partner in crime, Baddesley's awesome offering. LA has upped the ante with this one and decided to go in with some full throttle, upfront and downright nasty breakbeats and rumbling basslines. A meaty selection with some of his favourite drumfunk bangers from the past few years and a few oldies thrown in for good measure. The Skutta boys are known for their versatile choice of music and this mix is no exception. Turn this one up as it was fully intended!

Enjoy this month's mix and don't forget to tune in to hear Skutta Records live on every other Thursday from... more
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2018 welcomes Selector X to the family!
posted by darkstar
Selector X :: "Red Rockers Sesh" :: Even Sundays @ 01:00 - 03:00 CEST

Selector X. (aka Xavier / XavierNC) is a well-rounded old head who started collecting jungle in '96 and DJing in '97. His introduction to reggae/dub/dancehall/soundsystem culture by his mom at 8 yrs old in '89 and early UK undergound sounds in '95 (during extended stays in Germany) turned into a lifelong obsession closely following the evolving sounds.

X's sets run the gamut of jungle, d'n'b, and roots styles from '93 to infinity. He pulls from a staggering vinyl collection of 4000+ 7", 10", and 12" releases and dubplates. In 2016 he finally gave in to technological evolution and added Rane Serato to the Red Rockers studio.

X... more
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2018 welcomes Duff to the family!
posted by Psygn
Duff:: "Adrift in the Forest" :: Even Wednesdays @ 19:30 - 21:00 CEST

Duff has been mixing Jungle and Drum and Bass for over 12 years having grown up listening to early hardcore and big beat around his friend’s house and had his first outing to a rave at 15 in the fields of Devon where he grew up.

He’s played out around the UK and Ireland but prefers making a racquet at his home in the New Forest, UK, where he doesn’t have to watch for noise complaints. For his bi-weekly evening show, Adrift In The Forest, he’ll take you on a journey through ambient jungle, drum funk amens, half-step footwork and back again in 90 minutes.

Catch his first show today, May 2nd, 2018 and at the links below!

Links:... more
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2018 welcomes DJ Ornsman to the family!
posted by darkstar
DJ Ornsman :: "Late Night Jazz DnB Sessions" :: Friday night @ midnight BST

Jungletrain is proud to welcome aboard DJ Ornsman from London, UK

Known for being a scholar of the scene, DJ Ornsman aka Ornette Wilson decided to offer himself for a regular show on Jungletrain after providing cover for Dev/Null & Tim Reaper's "Blog to the Oldskool" show on a few occasions.

Drawn initially to hip hop in the mid 80s - enthralled by the big drum machine beats of the time, he soon found himself amazed as the music rapidly transformed into a sample based, break-beat driven form. Later, seeing many of those same things that appealled to him within the early rave scene, DJ Ornsman began exclusively collecting hardcore... more
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2018/February/23 - welcomes Pixl & Hollie Anthwax to the family!
posted by darkstar
Pixl & Hollie Anthwax :: Jungle Syndicate :: Even Fridays @ 19:00 - 20:30 CET


Jungle Syndicate is a collective of DJs, producers and promoters bringing a mix of amen infused drum and bass, drumfunk and deep dark jungle to ravers through our own productions, mixes, events and our record label. Starting in london over a decade ago, currently with factions based in London, Bristol, Leeds and Manchester.

Hosted by Pixl (releases on Jungle Syndicate, Amen-tal, Bang-in Tunes & more) and Hollie Anthwax (JS Leeds resident DJ) expect to hear beats from all across the spectrum from early 90s hardcore through to rinsing dark drum and bass from labels like Tech Itch and Outbreak,... more
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2017 welcomes Kyam to the family!
posted by darkstar
Kyam :: Beats on the Borderland :: Odd Tuesdays @ 00:00 - 02:00 CEST

Cardiff-based DJ and producer Kyam sports releases on Renegade Hardware, Subtle Audio, Foundation X, Skeleton, Eastern Promise Audio, Danger Chamber, Future Thinkin, Monochrome, Logical Direction, Vampire and Nurtured Beatz.

With tune support from Flight, Double O, Random Movement, Trax, Skitty, Vapour, Law and Jem-One, Kyam landed a recent spot in DJ Mag's "Up and Coming" section. Catch Kyam as a resident DJ at Cardiff's "Concept" and "The Different Vibe" nights supporting headliners such as Dillinja, Congo Natty, Breakage, Rockwell, Dub Phizix, DC Breaks, Black Sun Empire, Utah Jazz, Enei, Ulterior Motive, Ant TC1, Survival, Silent... more
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